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[Adamantoise] LF RP Connections - Mavre Amaryllis

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I. Basic Info

Characters: Mavre Amaryllis, (will update with future ones.) 

Primary character: Mavre Amaryllis

Linkshells: 🥲

Primary RP linkshell: 🥲


II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I would probably I lean to the medium side when it comes to amount of RP! I do need breaks from time to time and may not be online in game every day due to work schedule or other stuff I might have going on .But I do my best to be active and keep in contact where I can! But I do stress to don't feel like you cannot reach out to me if you feel like I've forgotten something or want to check up! Sometimes I just need a little poke every so often. 

Views on RP combat and injuries: I cannot say I write combat particularly well, mainly out of not having written a ton of combat before. But I don't mind giving it a try if discussed prior. I'm good with rolls or freeform or anything else really. But I would have to say no to perma-death or serious maiming/injuries. 

Views on IC romance: I love me some good romance! However, I would greatly prefer if it is something that develops organically over time. I'm also happy to discuss relationships that could have occurred in their past, such as pre-established relationships and whatnot. (This also goes for platonic relationships too!) For Mavre in particular, I will usually flip flop between her marriage to another character or having her as single depending on the circumstance. Feel free to ask me beforehand however! 

Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Absolutely! In my canon, Mavre has a mother that has disowned her and a deceased brother so in terms of blood relation ties, she is likely unaware of any siblings that may have occurred since she has left home. However, that doesn't mean there isn't room for different types of familial relations or people Mavre hasn't seen in decades since leaving Golmore. She's also been in a number of locales as well and there's a large span of time that we could operate with. The world is our oyster, my friend. 

Views on lore: I am admittedly a lore fiend, particularly when it comes to Viera lore. I don't mind flexing or bending lore a bit to make things work a little better or fill in blanks where needed but I like to keep things a little close to setting. Unless otherwise stated of course! I'm pretty flexible about it.

Views on chat functions: Aha.... I have never used a linkshell. Down for party chat or using say and what not! If you don't mind me quickly going to learn how to use linkshells I am 100% down to use those as well.



III. Other Info


Country: United States

Timezone: EST 

Contact info: Discord - napyo_polaris#8458 or twitter - @napyo_prequel


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