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Not so "Humble Bard" LF romance

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Hey there! I am currently searching for a romantic partner for my male viera. Preferably male elezen, or au'ra.


I am hoping to find someone who can roleplay both in game and on discord because I like venue hopping! I am on the the Aether datacenter (Siren) and in the EST time zone. I cannot stay up very late some nights due to my work schedule. 


I have been roleplaying for many years both in Final Fantasy XIV and elsewhere. I have also "worked" at several roleplay venues in Final Fantasy XIV!


If you are interested, feel free to add me at any time!



Discord: hollowmoon#3459


OOC Preferences:

  • 18+ 
  • Short-term
  • Long-term
  • In game + Discord
  • Plot-heavy
  • Slice of life/casual

Izuna Lunae

A viera bard from the Skatay Range south of Othard. Had high expectations put on him as a child, and left his tribe to travel the world and do whatever he wanted. Izuna dislikes following rules unless they are his own. Currently he is a wandering bard who commonly plays in taverns to earn gil. He is very impulsive and often acts without thinking. His heart is always in the right place however, and he is generous, and enjoys helping others. Although he is bisexual he has a preference for men, and he typically flirts with almost everyone he meets. He is very promiscuous and has a high body count. Very similar to Jaskier from The Witcher series. Needs a grumpy companion to annoy.



  • One night stand
  • Rivals/Enemies to lovers
  • Adventurer seeking help
  • Animal/nature enthusiasts 
  • Tavern owner/patrons


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