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New player looking for roleplay partner / group

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I've been roleplaying for nearly for nearly a decade, but have little to no experience doing it within a mmo. I started FFXIV several months ago, but have only reached the post patches for Heavensward. I'm in love with the game, the lore, the world, and the characters. I've been trying to become apart of the community, but have no idea how to throw myself in to it. 

My character is named Hinotori Issho, I'm in Crystal/Diabolos and I'm apart of an FC known as Traveler's Respite that recently bought a FC house and turned it in to a RP venue.

When it comes to roleplaying, I've always been in to character growth and interactions. I'm used to roleplaying in discord servers, chat rooms, or dms. I typically end up getting carried away and typing multiple paragraphs just for fun, which I realize isn't an option I have within FFXIV. Any and all help for getting in to the roleplaying community is appreciated, whether that be suggestions, or an invitation to roleplay :) 



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