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[Siren] Looking for m/m romance rp partner

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I'm looking for an roleplay partner that would be interested in romancing my boy. 


Name: Ezekiel Leo

Age: 26

Orientation: Homosexual

Pronouns: He/They


He was orphaned as a baby and taken in by a Hyur couple in Gridania where he grew up. He ended up becoming in adventurer in the hopes that he could make the world better for his adoptive parents. He tends to take on an older brother role for others despite not having any siblings. He will always put the needs of others before himself even if it's detrimental to his health. His goal in the future is to run an orphanage and try to find families for children that need them.


I'm looking mainly for discord rp and I tend to write medium length replies. I'm looking for adventure, drama and romance (hopefully to include 18+ but I'm rusty). I'm also interested in worldbuilding within Eorzea itself and incorporating other characters into the plot. 


My timezone is EST and I'm typically online most of the day. I try to be quick when replying to messages as well.


I've included a pic of my boy as well as a general information sheet for reference!


If you're interested, I would prefer to be PM'd on the forum before giving out my discord!



ezekiel leo.png

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