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Hey everyone,


I'm looking forward to the launch of this game (my application for the beta hasn't been answered, unfortunately) and plan to pre-order within the next couple weeks. I'll see you all in game in late August (or maybe earlier if I can luck into a beta key).


I'm no stranger to RPing in games. I've roleplayed in the game Neverwinter Nights for the last 7-8 years on various persistent worlds. I'm pretty easygoing when it comes to RPing, but I do prefer to stay in character while playing (though with different channels for IC and OOC chatter, it's easy to separate the two and keep my immersion).


I've never roleplayed in a game world that was static, however. For those of you that haven't heard of Neverwinter Nights, people can create their own worlds and, if they chose to, change the world to fit the ongoing storyline of the setting. In an MMO, though, most everything is pretty static.


My question then, is this: How do you MMO RP veterans create story arcs and compelling IC events in a world that we essentially have no say in?


(( obligatory chocobo smilie: :chocobo: ))

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Welcome to the RPC! if you have any questions feel to ask. We actually have super scientist here who know all the answers to everything (note they may not know all the answers to everything) But they sure know a lot!



Posted by TheCurls - Today 09:11 AM

My question then, is this: How do you MMO RP veterans create story arcs and compelling IC events in a world that we essentially have no say in?



A lot of people create their own story arcs whilst trying to follow the game lore or just by even following the events that take place with in the world. So if there is a festival players will react that there is a festival.


We have no say how the main story goes but we do have a say in how our own story goes, maybe your character is trying to find a lost treasure in Thanalan to come across a dying bandit for him to tell you that he was betrayed and that the item has been taken to some other place. Again it's your story you can choose what happens as long as it's not total lore breaking. My advice is work with the world around you whilst taking note of the events that are going on in the game.


I am not sure if I answered your question so I shall leave it at that.


If you don't feel comfortable with the lore or just need a bit of help then I would suggest looking at the Mentorship Program. Which is designed to help those who are new to RP or just needing some help in FFXIV RP. All the mentors are really nice and someone will be more than happy to take you on. Anyway I think I have spoken enough to welcome to the RPC enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions!

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Hello and welcome~! I have my fingers crossed for you to get a beta key, sometimes we post where to get beta keys on the forums so hopefully you can snag one when other sites throw them up.


Otherwise, like Kari said, the Mentorship Program is a really great way to have someone take you under their wing and help you out with the world of XIV, and if you have any other questions or would like character feedback feel free to ask C: Hope to see you in game!

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I'll definitely take a look at the Mentorship thing. I'm kind of like an actor. Before taking on a role, I make sure I learn everything I can about what I'm playing before I jump into it. 


Any questions I would have would be from a lore standpoint, and maybe unique nuances within this world's RP (emotes, form, etc.).


After doing a little reading, it seems there are two (un)official RP servers, Balmung and Gilgamesh. I haven't looked into it much yet, but it seems like Balmung is where the 1.0 folks are and Gilgamesh is trying to cater to the new folks?


Thanks for the quick replies!



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Yep...  Balmung is where all the Legacy and 1.0 folks that want to keep their characters are going. They have no choice- they HAVE to go to a Legacy designated server.

The rest of us... newbies to the game... can go where ever we want. A lot of us are also going to Balmung to take advantage of the rich RP history and resources offered by the Legacy/1.0 members IG.


Not all. Some want to start totally fresh on a new server (Gilgamesh) and get their lore/RP info from the forums or by playing IG only.

Either way, the RPC is here, to be used and the members very open and helpful to everyone. Including those that are not going to either Gilgamesh or Balmung... though our focus here will be those two.


good luck getting a beta key! I -just- got mine the last day of the last beta... and was only able to play a few hours before shut down (stupid computer kept sleeping on me and stopping the DL! *grumble*)


Be sure to keep an eye on the server forum sections- I believe Magellan (Balmung) and Rock (Gilgamesh) are organizing Meet and Greets for all interested new RPers (and members to RPC) to help folks get to know eachother before launch. :)

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