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Newbie Arcanist seeking friendship and guidance! 🌟✨

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Hello!! I'm Shichi, new to rping in XIV but have experience in general rping! I rp in paragraph style and am flexible with length.

I am up for casual and long term roleplay, and am open to various types of relationships for my character Phirai. 

Although I'm on Elemental (Tonberry), I'm happy to meet characters from anywhere via the magic of Discord~ (I have another character I can move to the Crystal DC if I happen to make enough Crystal friends to move :D)

If you're interested in her after reading more, you can add me on Discord at shichijiji#6031 💫


Phirai Ocellaris in a Summary

  • Washed up on the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa with amnesia
  • Works for the Arcanist guild after being helped by one of their members
  • Is trying to look for direction in life and is easily influenced by people's opinions
  • Runs errands no matter the significance or distance and plays Lord of Verminion in her free time
  • Very good at comprehending texts and mental exercises, but frequently anxious in social situations
  • Striving to create relationships so that people will remember her, as she doesn't know if she'll lose her memories again


Scenario Hooks

  • Mineral Collection - Black stones and gems always seem to enthrall her for reasons she can't describe. So she tries to collect more of them, reasoning that another hobby is good for character building. She can't seem to save up enough to pay for the ones in the market, so she embarks on expeditions into whatever mines she can enter, perhaps at her own peril.
  • A Minion Injury - While looking for leads on her next minion collection, Phirai makes the wrong move and ends up injured. She laments not being able to play one last round of Lord of Verminion, before losing consciousness.
  • Lost in Sea - Trying to find out more about her missing past, Phirai wanders around Limsa Lominsa asking passerbys if they know anyone skilled in geography or well-travelled adventurers that could possibly trace how she arrived here. 
  • How to Socialize 101 - Determined to learn how to communicate better, she observes the crowds, seeking people who seem to draw eyes through their visuals or speech. Although it takes monumental effort to get through her nervousness, Phirai would approach such individuals and ask for tips or lessons, offering services or materials in exchange.


Role Hooks

  • Arcanist/Scholar/Summoner Mentor or Colleague (she is conflicted about her future career path, to hurt or to heal?)
  • Trickster/Scammer (gullible and without much knowledge of the world, it wouldn't be hard to trick her in various ways)
  • Errand Requester (no matter how small the task, she will do it if it means gaining approval)
  • Strategist (she is interested in tactics and how to work effectively in a team, and she also thinks it'll help in her Verminion matches)
  • Charismatic Person (she admires people who seem confident and good at communicating and would like to be their disciple)
  • Fellow Lord of Verminion Player or Minion Enthusiast (addicted to the game, she wants to get better at it and collect more cute minions)


Picture Bio

Phirai Ocellaris Character Form.png


Thank you so much for reading! 💖

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