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-UPDATED- Chaotic Fem Xaela LF Dark/Mature Connections

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Name: Tuya Olkund

Age: Early 20s
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Pansexual (Likes tall people)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 4'10"
Figure: Petite & Curvy

Looking For:
Story/ Plot - This over ERP
Character Development - Working together to have our OCs interact and grow in the world we write
Long Term Preferred - Be this friends, connections, work, or romance the goal is to make lasting connections
Para/M.Para - I really can only write small one liner posts in large groups, even then I tend to instead react to multiple people at the same time.
Discord/In Game: I use discord to supplement RP when time zones & data centers get in the way, that said I'd like to be able to meet in game be it only for screens or even to go to RP events & venues.

Slow Burn Romance - Not looking for a one night stand but instead a proper depth filled connection for Tuya
Slice of Life - I like to have some down time with the chaos of adventuring
Adventure - Easy hook is easy
World Exploration - Another easy hook though extends to beyond The 1st if RP agreements allow for it
Occult - Due to Tuya's affinity with Dynamis, occult dealings tend to happen often
Criminal - Tuya is chaotic neutral and also doesn't see the world as good and evil but simply ways to survive and thrive
Tribal - Steppe born and heavily connected tribal connections are simply natural for her
Lore Creative - As mentioned, Tuya's abilities are Dynamis aligned, what this means sometimes depends on how willing people are to get creative with what the lore gives us.
Dark & Mature: I really see her as the most suitable to this line of RP, would love to really get into and explore this genre mixed with some of the others 

Carrd: https://tuya.crd.co/ <-It is the bare bones basics as I work to make a proper one for her.

Tuya is a bit of a loose cannon. 
Going wherever the wind takes her or her interests are sparked in the moment, and never staying long as there's yet to be a reason to stick around any one region or city. She gets into trouble often, sometimes forgetting to shield her mind from those around her and reading thoughts she shouldn't. Sometimes she simply gets overwhelmed and a few people end up dead. It's all chaos and fun times far as she sees but she is getting bored of the wandering and just wishes someone would show her a reason to stick around.

She's a chaotic neutral type, quick to make a decision that suits her best in the moment and gives little care or thought to laws or similar standings in society. Gil is meaningless when you can just take what you want or sometimes trade for it. If someone or something gets in her way the swiftest solution is to get rid of it or overpower it. Though that is utterly boring these days. 

So if your character has some darker dealings into the unknow, is a criminal in need of an underling or just can make use of her mental abilities...then please do approach. Soft n sweet wholesome moments help to break up the chaos but Tuya is not suited to a fully wholesome storyline what so ever.

Contact: If interested in RP the best way to contact me is discord at Evil_Vixxen#0693.

Content Warning: I had to remake Tuya thanks to a stalker, so while she is MSQ boosted, I am still trying to re-collect glams & level a few classes for her. If you're looking for a friend to hang with in content I am more than happy to join as I'm also learning any non-MSQ content along the way since I never touched that stuff till now. Low-key also looking for content friends willing to teach me stuff!

Thanks for reading and I hope to Rp with some of you very soon! ~Vixx



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