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EU/Light- Zodiark RP FC Looking for more Role-players! Alts welcomed!


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The Blackfeathers Guild is looking for more social/Role-Players to expand and build a small community for people to enjoy a safe space for role-playing that doesn't involve nightclubs, more creative writing and story to further expand your character growth and meet others for RP just by walking into the guild! Do you have an alt you'd like to bring in? You're welcome to join!

The Blackfeathers Guild is an adventuring guild working with and approved by maelstrom to partake in contracts and mercenary work that they themselves are unable to handle. Everyone and anyone is welcome from new adventurers to those seeking work within the guild hall assisting adventurers!

Large FC house with buffs, events both RP and content based. FC rooms payed by the FC! Veterans and new RPrs are welcome to message me on Discord Crow#4888 to Join or apply to our FC Zodiark/Light Mist- Ward 5, plot 32.

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