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  • Characters: Jeanette Lenoire
  • Primary character:Only have Jeanette on this server
  • Linkshells:Proud member of Silver Anvil
  • Primary RP linkshell: As above




II. RP Style




  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
    I have no idea. Depends how easily I can get back into it!
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    I'm usually verywary of RP fighting. First, it takes a very long time to get through. Second, there's always a risk of power/meta/whatevergaming. I prefer PvP when available but when it's not, I'll want to take level etc. into account. I'm equal parts a gamer and a roleplayer and I firmly believe a character's stats are there to definie what a character can and cannot do. Just like pen&paper roleplaying, really.
    As far as injuries go, that's for each player to decide. I usually won't go with permanent injuries to my characters that would limit what I can do with my character in other RP, unless I feel like it. Besides, healing magic is there for a reason!
  • Views on IC romance:
    This can be a whole lot of fun, but it carries the risk of the RP partner vanishing. To avoid this, RPing a character who's romantically involved and having their lover be an imaginary NPC can also be fun, but not quite as entertaining.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    Pretty much the same as above! I remember playing Azyria's retainer as her sister (they worked a smithy together, she sold the goods Azyria made!) but having a PC relative is fun too. I've done it in other games,
  • Views on lore:
    Lore is good, lore is gold.
    Bending lore is for the bold.
    What that means is Lore is important, but it can be bent to a degree. Tricky thing, though. Lore is important because it provides us all with something we can all relate to. It's the glue that binds us all together in RP. Without lore, we'd all be making stuff up and one RPer's ideas would clash with another's and it would be total chaos. However, one can bend the lore to fits one's RP. It's risky and tricky, but a bold RPer can get away with it as long as it doesn't directly clash with established Lore (that would be breaking, not bending).
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    Not sure what to say... Say is normal speach, yell seems like more of a general map chat since it reaches irrealistically far for yelling and linkshell chat.. well that's all explained in the Lore. A linkshell is essentially a bunch of telepathy-enabling (or is it actually voiced?) linkpearls linked together, unless that changed?




III. Other Info


  • Country: Canada, eh
  • Timezone: Eastern
  • Contact info: PM here





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