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Five years ago a lone figure peered over the edge of a precipice, far below two opposing armies stood afield. The tension and unease that emanated was almost palpable. What had brought him to this place? He couldn't be sure himself, it was a pull at his subconscious, a need to see it with his own eyes; their long foretold end. He had resisted the pull at first but the sirens call overtook him, and so found himself looking down from high perch as the combatants met like waves crashing in on each other. Above; looming ever closer, the red moon shone ominously promising our destruction, our end.  "The end." he mused as he turned his focus to the battle once more. "Fools, every one of them" they had allowed this to happen, so blinded by greed and ignorance. Long foretold was the Calamity yet their inaction, the ease of which they settled into false peace, they had brought this upon themselves. It was easy to place their lives in the hand's of 'fate' of 'gods' while their only misfortune was a couple bandit's or bad harvest. Foolish indeed. Sounds of battle echoed like a sadistic melody in the valley below, The sound of metal meeting metal, the drumming of heavy boots against barren earth, pained screams of fallen comrades, the enraged battle cries of those left standing. And so he watched as both sides fought and died for their gods, for their rulers, Good against evil they would say. "Rubbish!" So concentrated on one or the other they where that they failed to see everything in between. So blinded by their quest for light and justice that they had forgotten one important thing. Life is chaotic by nature, without darkness there could be no light, without good there could be no evil. A hush fell over the battle field, like the eye of a storm and then it happened. The red moon fell away and in it's place...[/align]



He could not recall, In that one instant everything had been warped and he could no longer see it clearly in his mind's eye, the only indication that it was not a dream was the fact that he lay there only a few yards from where he stood as that... "What was that?" the more he tried to recall it the more distorted it became. Though his recollection was fuzzy he still felt it clear as day, knew instantly what must be done. No longer could he remain ignorant, and complacent. This world needed balance, it needed both the light of day and the darkness of night, it needed those that would bring order to chaos. [/align]



"But he could not do it alone, he sought others of like mind and joined them to his cause.  That is how Dark Ultima came to be." The cloaked figure sharing your small camp takes a long drink from their water skin, then with a quick glance at the ebbing fire plucks a stick from a nearby pile and feeds it to the dying embers before you. The stranger did not speak for a time, staring into the flames seemingly lost in deep reflection. Just as you had accepted the companionable silence, they spoke again. "Some people would think us heroes, others might think us cruel, that we only seek to fulfill our own ambitions. The truth is we do what must be done." Turning to meet your gaze directly, a grim look crosses their shadowed features. "So, are you of like mind, will you join us? ...to hold power over good and evil, to bring about balance and order?" Several more figures surround the tiny camp seeming to appear from nowhere, all wearing equally somber looks. They did not enjoy this part, but it was a grim fact. They could not let outsiders know the truth of their purpose "Choose carefully friend."[/align]



About Us:

|About us|


Please be aware that we are not a strictly RP guild, we are a mix of all interests: Avid Craftsmen, Tireless Gatherers, Curious Explorers, Motivated Monster Slayers, Cave Spelunkers, Ruthless PvPers and Devoted RPers. We are not a pre-established guild, we are new. Friend's and acquaintances from previous games, coming together to enjoy FFXIV. That said we are not strictly focusing on anything other than playing together and helping each other. We are hoping you can look past our mixed interests and join us!


|What we expect from our members|


We want what all people playing any game want: To have a good time and make some friends. So we ask that our members be kind to one another and try to get along, lets face facts though this is the internet and for whatever reason not everyone is capable of being civilized. (/sigh) While we understand that people argue we ask that you don't let it get out of hand, be the bigger person and ignore it and if need be tell one of the officers and we will look into the situation. No one likes Drama (Outside of RP), so please try not to let it get to that point. We want to be an efficient unit so we hope that our members will all band together and advance to greatness! But don't forget the little guy. (Novices need love too!)




Ranking systems should be fair, there will be a set of 'officers' when the guild is first formed, and others will start at the 'new recruit' level. You will be able to raise in rank if you show the right initiative. All of our members are important to us and there are no favorites. Higher ranks may look glamorous but they come with responsibility, there will not just be added bonuses for high ranks, certain things will be expected of you.


-Rank based responsibilities and privileges will be decided shortly before official launch.





I should have put this at the top since this is what you're all really interested in right? I saved the best for last... sadly you might not like what I have to say.


Since we are a mixed interest guild and some of us are new to RP, myself included. I can't say in good conscience that we will have an intense RP experience waiting for you, but if you are new to RP or prefer it casual than we should get along fine! Not to say we wouldn't love all you hardcore RPers you just might find us... lacking.





-Since our numbers consist mostly of people who have not played 1.0 we will be starting fresh on a non-legacy server - [Gilgamesh]


-By guild I obviously mean free company, though we will also have two linkshells One hosted by our Free company Leader - [Dark Ultima]. The other will be hosted by one of our officers - [Echo Knights]

Echo Knights is our primary RP linksell while Dark Ultima is for non-RP or OOC.


- So after you have joined our ranks, how will you know who among us is interested in RP!? Well that's simple, after joining please type in your interests in your search information.


-Serious voice- "We will find you."


(Please keep your info clear and simple, if you have a background story let us read it here or on our guild forum.)


-Make suggestions, everyone has an opinion and we don't discourage you from voicing it! If you want to host a guild event or have an idea that you think would help the guild progress please tell us. Be reasonable though, there are guild leaders and officers and they hold those titles for a reason. If you show initiative you may be offered a rank up!


-Dark Ultima has a guild forum, You will not be required to join but we hope that our members will sign up. (Link in Contact Info)


-Trolls will be incinerated on site


-The guild background story is according to the leader's and council members' collective ideas and wishes, I simply put them to words. ^^,



Contact Info:


If you are interested in joining or have a question, Send a message, contact us through Email, or sign up on our forums!





Chuy (Leader) - [email protected]


Vashies (Officer/Council) - [email protected] / RPC - Vashies Alexander


Shep (Officer/Council) - [email protected] / RPC - Shep





Dark Ultima - http://darkultima.lefora.com/


Echo Knights - http://echoknights.guildlaunch.com/

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hey shep is it ok join here as well cus sense im becoming an echo knight and your FC leader i figure it wouldn't be problem but if keep it simple thats fine

You are welcome to join use all so in DarkUltima! You name as been added to the list and you will get whisper from Chuy,Shep or I come phase4/launch. We will be sending invites out in alphabetical order from first name to sir name. So if you dont get a invite right away dont worry we will get to you.

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Hey! Can i get a invite? I am just transferred to Gilgamesh and i do know how to roleplay. It would be so amazing! :moogle::chocobo: I became a dark bard. for the win.


I no longer have anything to do with Dark Ultima as I decided to become a leader of the Echo Knights. I'm not sure what the status of the company is or if they RP or not but the leaders name is Chuy Avina if you wish to contact him in game.


I would have deleted this thread earlier if I knew how -.-,

I hope you find what you are looking for. :tonberry:

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