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It's been awhile


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Hey, it's been quite awhile since I've been around. Most of you will remember me from XI as Casiala.


--MMORPG background


I was in XI for a number of years, but haven't played much recently other than a shorter stint of GW2.


--Character ideas/info


I'm starting completely afresh. I didn't get a chance to play 1.0, so I'm looking forward to getting into ARR. For now I'm working on catching up in the lore/world.


--How did you learn about the coalition?


I was actually here at the very start of the RPC. Then life happened and I dropped away for awhile. Ky and Izzy have kept me in the loop and rekindled my interest in XIV, so here I am again.



I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting back into RP.

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