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Good evening! ( Or morning/afternoon to any who lives in a different timezone or within his/her own ecosystem) I must say that I aint used to introducing myself hence I will using the lovely post of Kylin as my guide.


   I am a 22 years old lad, who had spent nearly 6 years of it with RPing, mostly 3 years in DDO and 3 years in WoW. My experience with RPing is...mostly specific to dwarven RP! Ha, I bet you did not SEE that coming and that was not a height joke... *sigh*


  If I were to go into details regarding the past experiences...While I aint a lad who fancies military RP too much, I had spent quite a lot of time playing as a bodyguard/bodyguards( done possible with Multiboxing,heh). 


  I had learned of existence of Final Fantasy XIV with pure chance, which instantly led me to the question we all ask ourselves...Do they have RPers in it?! And damn glad I am to see that It has.


  As you might have guessed, I am a Heavy Roleplayer dwa--- lad, who prefers to stay in character as much as he can. Perhaps Its related to my former DDO experience, but so long an action can be explained via RP, I prefer to stay in IC. After all, even going AFK can be explained by...uh...searching your huge backpack for a fancy small trinket, heh.


  As for anything related to real life...Well, I have been studying medicine for  4 years and within 2 years, hopefully I will graduate as a doctor. Such is the system in Turkey which you spend 3 years in theoretical lessons and 3 years in hospital. And I must say that RPing is a great way not to have fun but also a way to cope with whatever life tosses to you.



   Tried to keep it as simple and as short as I could,heh...

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Welcome to RPC!


I sought RPC the same way you did! I played a MUD game called Achaea, text system is so flexible, everyone role play in it, and the stories were all written by players and devs, even in-game books were written by players.


It wasn't long before I am interested in playing FF XIV (graphics! graphics!) and sought a role playing guild or something. It blew my mind to see there are actually tons of linkshells within one site, most of them dedicated to a role playing experience!


Enjoy your stay in RPC, explore the linkshells section and join one.


If you see me in-game, don't forget to say hi 8-).

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Less beard?!



Jokes aside, glad to see such friendly replies! And with great joy I would like to say that, I had received my beta key and lo, now I play as one of the ...





I really need to begin reading lore, especially considering that I can not even remember my character's race!

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