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Coral's Arts Commision (Icons, Emblems, Logos, etc)

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I was impressed of several commission threads in this forum and decide to drop in and test my capability in serving RPC members!


Beside playing games, I am also good at iconography and simply 2D arts. My art style consists of simple 2D vector graphic, based on shapes, and bright colors. There are several type of designs that I can do: Free Company's coat of arm, linkshell's logo, family's emblem, personal's symbol, and other similar arts.


The price for each is around $5 to $15, digital 2D vector art with colors.


I also show off some pixel arts that I have done last year. I wasn't sure if anyone still fancy pixel arts, but I'll accept a customer's request nonetheless.


If you are interest, drop me a pm ;)



A simply port folio of mine









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