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Hello to one and all!


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Hi!  I'm Sevti, a 24 year old female on the verge of a degree in pharmacy.  I've roleplayed for years off and on, but more off than on lately and I'm looking forward to changing that!  Most of my past roleplay experiences have been with LiveJournal or forum-based roleplay, though I did dabble in World of Warcraft rp for a while.  I've dabbled in several MMOs, but I had never played any Final Fantasy title until just a couple months ago when my boyfriend got me into FFXI.  From there he gave me a beta key for FFXIV, and now I'm hooked!  FFXIV has really inspired me to pick up roleplay again, and I can't wait to see what happens!  So far, two characters have formed in my heart - Sevti Lazharun, Keeper of the Moon, and Satzntrach Bloefyrwyn, Sea Wolf.  I just hope I can find time to play them both!


Looking forward to being a part of the community!


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Cheers! Hope you enjoy the game and the role play with the community. First I have to wish you the best a'luck with obtaining your degree. I'm sure you'll find enough time to RP with both of your characters.:) The community is pretty good at answering questions, so feel free to ask.

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