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Chat bubbles!

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Not sure if this has been brought up before, but my search returned far too numerous results for me to quickly comb through.


Are we going to get chat bubbles for easy-to access /say information on nearby players, like the NPCs have when running by them?


Would you like this feature?


So, let's make a poll and see if we can get some traction behind this - Unless of course, it has already been discussed.

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Probably has been taken up, plenty of times. Same as in swtor dunno if they added it there yet. But as far as im concered its really "Meh". I can work with both, i have worked with both. Sure chat bubbles help but it also clutters the screen in crowded areas.


So no matter how it is or will be my opinion is pretty unpartial.



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I don't particularly like chat bubbles. If they did introduce them, I'd hope there'd be an option so I could turn them off. xD I was alarmed when they first showed them in screenshots with no explanation. Luckily, they were NPC chat bubbles, not players talking. 


So if you do try to petition for them, please ask for it to be an option that can be turned off also! :)

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I filled out something on t he beta forums requesting chat bubbles a few times now. I hope they add them. I feel like it makes things more simple. I don't normally look at my log that often and so I don't really know when someone is saying something. An option to turn them off and on would be great just to make sure that they cater to both crowds. Flood the beta forum with chat bubble request! That is what we had to do in GW2 to get them to add it.

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