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Crescent Cove


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So im just curious does anyone else currently live here?



My character "Lorric Wright" Grew up in Crescent Cove. So just curious if anyone else had planned to grow up there alternitivly still live there. For not untill my character gets out to get adventuring or whatever the future holds, He still lives with his father and mother helping them out with the fishing business selling and fishing.



Would be intressting to know since my character would atleast know your names :).

Im on Balmung btw.




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Right, ignore the post above. So ive looked at some old maps and i see that Crescent cove aren't on them. So i wonder, Was crescent cove built up after 1.0? During the 5 years?


And due to this find ive retracted the information of my character living there to leave it more unspecified "A small Fishing village outside of Ul'dah".


I also ask for advise whether its wise to say anything specific where my character lives/grow up. It really helps with "home" rp to have a specific location such as Crescent cove. I would love to say he grew up and live there. But i really don't want to go stepping on toes saying my family lived there before and the small village formed around them. Or that they moved there when it was.


Thanks ahead of time.



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I think a common approach of RPers is to, based on the assumption that the world is larger than what we see in game, come up with locations of their own for their backstories -- if those locations are small, fit with the setting, and exist for backstory reasons only. For instance, I created a small fishing village in La Noscea from L'yhta comes, but it's a tiny thing that exists in the "margins" of lore just to give her a history. It has no geopolitical importance or relevance, and is small enough and far enough out of the way that it wouldn't impact anyone else's history (unless they wanted to be from there too, I guess, for a character connection).


Otherwise, if you're going to go with a place that exists in game, you need to make sure it actually existed when your character was born. :) The city-states are probably the best choices for this, as are some of the larger settlements (Vesper Bay, for instance, or Aleport).

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With Xha'li I created a small Keeper village/settlement just beyond the edge of the Black Shroud.  Only influence it has is I mentioned that about 10 of its members went off to fight at the Calamity and only 1 returned.  I personally don't consider this to be having a major impact on official lore because their were thousands of people there besides the adventurers my villages ten weren't going to be the deciding factor.

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