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This might seem a tad silly, but I was wondering how much information is available on the refugees in Eorzea. 

Like, where were most of them from? Who got hit the hardest?


I know a lot of them wound up in Ul'dah, but I think that's really all I know about them. I was hoping to learn a little bit more about them for purposes of roleplay.


Anyone know a bit about them?

Any info is new to me. :3

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I'd think the refugees would have gone wherever suits them best, but I'd need a map to see what options they might have had. ^^;

Even so, If we assume Ul'dah was closest and so got more than most, anyone going -there- could then have taken a ferry or airship to someplace else.

In other words, I don't really know. ^^:

But I'd say it mostly depends how much one is willing and able to travel.

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As far as I've seen, Ul'dah has the largest refugee problem of the three cities, but all of the city-states have been getting refugees since the Calamity. In terms of who and what they are, they're largely destitute and could have come from any area that experienced Bahamut's fury. I'd suggest that most refugees went to Ul'dah because it was easier to get to than Limsa Lominsa or Gridania, and because unlike Gridanians, the Ul'dahn don't have a reputation for being hostile to outsiders.


To be honest, as far as RP is concerned, think of refugees in real life, then add in the increased danger of travel due to beastmen and other aggressive monsters. Refugees are beaten down, desperate, and basically living in squalid conditions outside the opulent halls of the fabulously wealthy. Merchants often take advantage of them and the guards are reluctant to do very much due to... various concerns (as shown in the main scenario quest).

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A good bit of the fraction of Highlanders that survived from Ala Mhigo in 1557 ended up in Ul'Dah as sellswords (paraphrased from Squeenix). 


As for the Calamity, I really wasn't looking for that kind of information. I imagine the first couple years since the Calamity, there were a lot more but as time went on people started to recover. Recover doesn't mean prosper but merely survive. This is just my adaptation of disaster + rebound we observe in the real world.

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