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[ Journal ] Gold Blooded Lexicon (( OOC Welcome ))

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Knife hacking away at the tethers, an Elezen freed a lone panicking Chocobo from the cart it was bound to, which burnt so beautifully in the setting sun, the crimson flames mixing in with the orange overcast. The bird took no pauses, kicking off on its feet and fleeing into the slowly approaching forest night. It would likely not live long, but they felt that the beast deserved a better death than being tethered to a broken caravan, burnt to the core like the goods it had ferried.


The silver haired Elezen padded away, before the lick of the flames could catch on her cloak, her attention turned to her Roegadyn companion. She used to complain about the loss of money in destroying what they take, describing the amount of gil that could have lined their pockets from selling the loot. But now she just lets the dark skinned Roegadyn watch the flames eat the gold and blue banner that had draped over the cart. Smoke circled high above, a crimson blackness to paint through the orange tinted sky as if it were oil, the light of the  flames circling the outcrop of forest it had met its end in.


The bodies that were to be left behind would not go unattended for long.


They would always do it this way, when they encountered a caravan painted with the blue and gold banner of axe and crow. Those who drove it would be given their chance to flee, and those who stayed would be put down, their corpses to witness the blaze they would set to their caravan, caring little for what belongings remained onboard. By the time someone could discover the carnage, the Elezen and Roegadyn would be long gone, slipping into the unknown.


The Elezen had long since given up stopping these events, simply pitching in as if it were her dues to her partner, who always charged in with little mercy in mind. She did not complain, even long afterward, when they were both safely secure in their own holdings, of the dark disposition her companion would fall into. It was almost as if the giant bandit felt some guilt for her actions, the way she would stick to her books, draped over a bed in a corner, the only sound to be heard from her being the scratch of her quill against parchment.



(( This is to be the go to place for Rita's writings, drawerings and skidoodlings that she places into her journal. This thing will mostly be a mess of things regarding her current IC happenstance. I'll update the OP with post links for every update. ))


(( Expect updates ASAP <3 ))

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