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Hateful Mercenary / Cruel Mistress


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Hello all, RP'er here. I like to write and Role play with others. Before this I rped on naruto, mass effect and avatar the last air bender sites. Below is a little about my character. 



My character (R'mah Tameo) is somewhat blunt and overbearing most of the time. She despises acts of helping and generosity towards those less fortunate and generally kindness of any form. She feels as though individuals who dont help themselves should simply cease to exist and stop taking up space better utilized by others. Some time ago through events that still make her face flush red with anger, this Hateful Mercenary of the lands acquired the life of another through a chance of fate. A'nzil Oenomaus the cowardly useless waste of air, had been pedaled off to her as a glorious warrior and master chef. One who could assist her as she fulfilled contracts across Eorzea growing wealthy and famous. The incompetent whelp came as an exchange for a debt by a devious captain of the high seas. Determined to get her money's worth out of him one way or another, R'mah employs the lad upon tasks of the most undesirable nature, earning her the title of Cruel Mistress. 




[align=center]R'mah Tameo[/align]




"I have a reputation as a woman who will complete any job given to me, it's not a reputation I intend to lose I've worked too hard for it"

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Welcome in!

Interesting concept indeed. For soem reason Final Fantasy never felt like bad guy-friendly, so to speak... but it can certainly work.

Somehow it reminds me of the Claymore main characters. Wonder if the cruel mistress has a deeply hidden sweet spot?

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I dont think shes really a bad person, she just does not like people who accept handouts without walking on there own two feet, Id call her a realist. Working on her wiki page which will flesh out her character a bit more.She is defiantly motivated almost entirely by monetary gain though.

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