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Hello HRC!


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I'm Zellie, or Sapphos if you prefer not to use real-life names!

I've played and roleplayed FFXI and FFXIV since their respective launches and I can't wait to jump into this great community once A Realm Reborn hits!

If only I could decide which of my characters to roleplay... (perhaps all four? that sounds overwhelming....)

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Welcome! I do hope you enjoy your stay. And, I feel you about the indecisiveness. I was able to pick out a main myself, but I'm still having plenty of trouble deciding how many alts I really want to pursue as I'm in love with all of the races.


*big Roegadyn hug*

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It's also made more difficult by how one character can be so many things simultaneously! For me, I'll begin with one and see how I feel after a few months, hehe.


And welcome to the RPC! I'm also pretty stoked to begin in earnest with the community here. There's so much good energy all around!

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