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"House" Guild - Concept/Looking For

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I am actively seeking an elezen "household" linkshell, and so far have been unable to locate anything on either Balmung or Gilgamesh. I know some people might roll their eyes at this concept, but it's a storyline/setting where I've enjoyed some amazing roleplay in previous games and I'd like to put some feelers out. By household, I mean that there is a family element, people who possess the same surname, hopefully in their actual character name. In addition to the family itself, I expect that there will be some retainers and other people living in the house for various reasons as noted in my concept ideas below.


If anyone knows of existing households, I'd be interested to hear about or contact them. If none exist, I have some ideas of my own and would love to chat with anyone who might be interested. No server selected yet, it will depend on where people who ARE interested would prefer to be.


The household I have in mind are crafters and merchants. Sure, they might dabble or even excel in the arts of war or magic, but the main focus is crafting. I also don't plan for this to be a "main" linkshell, just another set of connections for players and another storyline to RP. The goal here is social interactions of a different sort.


My few ideas for the concept of the family, as well as game play elements:


1. City or forest? I don't know. Although elezen are usually nomadic in caves and forests, perhaps this family came to the big city seeking excitement and settled in to become merchants. They may have only been in the city for a generation or two. Another option is that they are just settled nice and comfy in Gridania and have been for many years.


2. When the calamity struck, the house took several refugees into their home. The forge, the looms, and other crafting equipment were put to good use as these refugees learned to craft. These people might feel grateful or indebted to the house for this training, as well as the roof over their heads. Some of these people might have stayed and are permanent fixtures in the house.


3. Although the family themselves are elezen and some members might be more snooty, there's a potential for adopted persons/spouses, as well as those who were refugees after the calamity to take up residence. All races would be welcome.


4. Being dedicated to crafting, and general merchant business, this means there's money involved. Guards and spies would have a place here to protect the house's assets.


5. They're forced to buy materials for crafting, but are looking to perhaps find better gathering contacts, or delve into it a bit themselves. This could culminate in alliances with other guilds or being eager to welcome gatherers into their fold.


6. Speaking of alliances, they need protection and could ally with more militaristic or adventurer based guilds.


7. Parties! As a family who needs to maintain their connections with the merchant world as well as the consumers (i.e. everyone), soirees, balls and other get togethers could be commonplace. (Perhaps once a month to start?)


8. Not interested in crafting? You could absolutely still have a place here. Maybe we took you in at the calamity and you just live here now as you make your own way in the world - an adopted son or daughter who we encourage to succeed.


9. Just got back from your 5 year "nap" after the calamity? Need a place to rest your head? We would be sympathetic to such a plight. You could work as a guard or in the kitchens until you get back on your feet.


So, these are just some ideas I had. I think this sort of concept could be a lot of fun. If you or someone you know has a house already, perhaps some of this could be incorporated? Or if I have enough interest I might just go for it and see what happens! I'd love to hear from anyone with ideas or feedback.




Skype: sereneaurora

AIM: oosereneauroraoo

Or PM me on these boards!

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I have to say I've never done anything like this, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I'll definitely join in, either with the character I'm developing now (an amensiac runaway from the empire) or another character concept I have played before (an elezen rogue/spy who would love to be a part of the original family). Or maybe someone else. Count me in!

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Thanks LadyBeetle for showing me this thread.


I am very interested in a household set up( though I am settling on Gilgamesh and it seem you have Balmung in your server future).


I think it would require some initial set up with people before hand to decide on how to go about it so that you could enter the game being in this household. 


If anyone is interested in setting up  family of sort on Gilgamesh just respond to this post (or PM).

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I, too, was hoping to settle on Gilgamesh and it sounded from the post like either server was an option, but I can be flexible as well. :D



I think that maybe we should give each other a brief write up on our characters so we can sort of roleplay-think of how they would come into a common household together (if you're interested in being in a household with me on Gilgamesh).

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Balmung is partially in my future, but not set in stone. If a lot of talking shows the interest mainly on Gilgamesh, then I'm all in. 


Anyone who is interested, send me a message in some way and we can put together an email chain or Skype chat room. Thanks!



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I see two ways of going at this.

1- Free Company. Much as described, with household employees etc.

2- Linkshell. Extended family keeping in touch through linkpearls.


My own elezen lady, Jeanette Lenoire, is already committed to a marvelous crafting FC on Gilgamesh but having her part of a type 2 house thing would be cool and open more RP opportunities. If you go with a Free Company though, I'll have to bow out.


Of course, you could still do the extended family thing as a FC or the whole crafting thing with guards, etc. as a Linkshell, but I think a Free Company would really benefit that concept more. LS are only chat channels, after.

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Thanks for the feedback, Asyria.


I think it's possible to still be a household with servants and such while still being just a linkshell. Again, my intention here was not to be a "main" guild or a free company, really. Just another point of contact, and I think that can be accomplished with just a linkshell to keep in touch.



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I agree that a linkshell may be perfect. In my opinion, a free company should have a purpose, something it is striving to accomplish. Like a corporation or a business or a club - they have a purpose with uniting together. A family is more of a... unit of familiarity. So, that said, here are my votes:


Server: Gilgamesh

FC or LS: Linkshell

My Character: Runa Dawning, ex-Imperial Hyur and ex-magitek mechanic who needed a place to stay and has agreed to devote her skills and talents towards the family's merchant ventures

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After some thought and chatting with interested persons, I've decided to go ahead and go for this and just see what happens!


House Marchand now has a posting over on the linkshell boards, as well as a starter website at http://housemarchand.shivtr.com. We've got some posts there about some family members we'd like to hopefully find, but ultimately we are very open to your own character concepts. Again, you need not be a "family member" to join!


We'd love to hear from anyone interested in building a shared narrative as we get started on Gilgamesh. 


Thanks for all of your feedback on this thread!


~Erisande Marchand

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