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Hello again!


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Greetings everyone, for starters I guess you could say this is a reintroduction of sorts. I originally joined up with the site back in 1.0 when the game was just starting up, though sadly I didn't keep up with it once the game started and got heavily involved with my LS.


So I figured with A Realm Reborn around the corner I am going to make a attempt at keeping up with the FFXIV roleplaying community this time around!


As for myself I have been playing the character Saitou Yoshida since the original beta, starting out on Besaid and then Balmung, up until the servers shut down. During that time I ran (and still do) with the linkshell The Adventure League of Eorzea (TALE), as well as a few from the Soliloquy crew. In fact Saitou's increase presence has earned him a slot on the staff of the Soliloquy Tavern. 


Though not going to go into detail about my character though as I intend to put together a profile together on the wiki for him. Though I will say if you see me in game, definitely stop me! I'm always looking for RP and enjoy meeting up with new characters.

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