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Unbroken [Story]

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Here's a bit of story I typed up for Rhynka to flesh out her experience as the era came to an end. I hope you all like it!  :love:



[align=center]A Timeless Promise[/align]

Upon the ground broken and discarded a daughter of the sun lie. Rich red warmth raced from a series of fatal wounds struck deep upon stomach, chest, and face alike equal in depth. A crystal of azure chimed and flickered, dangling from a neck as pale as the moon. Sapphire eyes looked desperately upon the situation as fire surged from behind the man who refused to retreat standing near. The crystal hummed weak but persistent while a girl pale as the moon she kept dear chanted feverishly.


“Help us-Help us!” Her meek voice drowned in sorrow continued to whisper as she loomed over the Seeker girl whose glassy green irises stared dead and blind at the flaming heavens above. Her alabaster hands soiled in thick gobs of clotting blood pressed harder to the Seeker’s chest, as the crystal about her neck began to sing of tranquility, its glow now consistent and unwavering. The hallow reflection was bold upon those glossy green eyes of a loving face framed with silvery hair. A streak of light cracked vertical upon the Keeper’s face, mirroring the wound splitting the Seeker’s face in two. In that moment a flicker of thick lashes resulted in a blink, words came garbled from the Seeker’s lips, blood bubbling up from with them.


“Yo…u..ll-die.” The Seeker desperately warned.  A last deep breath filled the Keeper’s lungs as her chest split with pure astral aether. In spite of the warning the response from the Seeker birthed a smile of candid joy on the Keeper’s lips. The light washed over like a flood, the man who bore witness shielded his eyes with heavily armored forearms.


“I’m sorry this happened to you…” A small voice echoed like the rings of a single tear drop billowing wide over a clear pool of bittersweet sorrow, enough to fill several lifetimes. As the Seeker girl sat in the absolute center of this oasis of infinite tears the worry of life and death could not reach her. Another trickle fell from the round tip of the chocolate skinned Seeker’s nose to add to the collection below. “Do you like it here?” the familiar voice spoke, a warm presence at the Seeker’s back. Tucking her knees defensively to her chest she nodded, and hid her face upon them.


“I like it here…” The Seeker said in a childlike voice. Her arms hugged tight around her shins. “I want to stay here.”


“You know he needs you, right?”


“He’s the only one.”


“Is it best to be eternally needed by one, or circumstantially needed by many?” The familiar voice chimed with optimism. “I’m sorry they hurt you…” An ivory hued hand penetrated the surface of the pool they were suspended atop of. “These are for you as is all the love and hope I shed them with… Every last drop is for you.”


“Are you still sad?”


“Not at all, silly!”


“Then I can stay here?”


“For just a little longer.”


“Will he be waiting?”


A head of long silver hair shook side to side. “No, but he’ll return, I promise.”


“Please don’t take him.” The small Seeker choked out in grief.


“Don’t cry it’s only for a little while!” The compelling voice soothed over. In that instant the Seeker felt the comfortable surface of the water give way and consume her. A hand desperately shot up as she sank, looking upon the Keeper’s face, and that unique smile beaming like the persistent glow of the full moon against the desolate black of a tragic eve.


“Don’t take him!!” Her voice shrieked ragged as eyes snapped wide open, the dead weight of her savior, the Keeper girl laid warm over the Seeker. Her hand was reaching desperately to the man being consumed with light. As the last slivers of divine light consumed the man’s face a final word of love formed on his smiling lips which resonated strong in her ears. The Seeker was finally aware of the answers her heart long sought. With teary topaz eyes the Seeker relaxed, her arm moving around her treasured friend, dead from the wounds that should have been her own.


With heavy lids she ascended into a peaceful sleep that would last for days on end. When she’d wake, Rhynka took to clawing the earth till her fingertips and knuckles bleed and her palms were worn raw. In her somber solitude she carved a worthy grave for a friend that was unlike any other she’d know again. “I understand… Your rapture, your sorrow is mine to carry now. Thank you, for guiding me from the dark into the light I never knew.” Her weary body fell on the heap of earth with a content smile glittering bright on her lips, hefty eyes lids slid over eyes shining of renewed hope as she rested for the long enduring wait ahead of her. She knew he would return and she would wait, standing against whatever fate the twelve could use to sway her devotion. Like a rock of ages she would weather all, as unmovable for him as he had always been for her.

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