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And he sits... (Open)

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The sun was high in Vesper Bay, and the wind blew a mixture of warm and cool air. In the tavern, sitting alone in the corner next to an open window that overlooked the docks, was the Miqo'te Vict'a Aldrini. His skin was a dark color, showing his Keeper clan heritage. He wore a light white cloth tunic that was open at his neck, with a black leather vest. His pants, leather boots, and gloves were all black to match. He sat leaning back in his chair against the wall, his heavy boots resting on the table top as his two toned eyes absentmindedly looked through the mop of white hair on his head at his bare right hand. His gloved left hand held mug.  


    A fly was determined to land on his ear, causing it to twitch and foiling the fly's plan at every attempt. Vict'a continued to stare at his hand as he snapped his fingers, producing two flames that danced on his finger tips. He would stare at the flames before making a fist and extinguishing them. He did this over and over. He was so bored. 


    Without moving his head or body, Vict'a shifted his eyes and glanced outside at the docks and the water beyond it. Somewhere out there was his ship. Or at least what passed enough for a ship. But it was his, and he loved it. Especially the hidden compartments that only he knew about that made his job so much easier. But she was currently lame, and needed some work before she could be deemed seaworthy again. Though, even at its best it was barely seaworthy. 


    Vict'a sighed and brought his attention back to the dancing flames he was conjuring up. "two to three weeks I'm stuck here. Gods damn it..." he breathed out to himself. A Hyur barmaid approached him "Another drink, sir?". Vict'a looked up at her through white hair that lazily laid over his eyes; his hand still snapping out flames and putting them out with a closed fist. He downed the rest of his drink and placed the empty mug on the table. 


    "Yea...and keep them coming until I say stop. I'm gonna be here a while...", he sighed.

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