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Roe life style? please help!

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I've mostly gotten all of my information from here which is unfortunately not much, but I do hope that was somewhat helpful C: Otherwise all else about my character has been lovingly patched together by theories and made up from stuff within XIV lore as a whole.


Although if anyone else has a better source of info I would sell my soul to you bake you cookies for eternity.

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I'm afraid there's been literally no information released about it with the exception of what's on the Roegadyn and Hellsguard wiki pages. My best suggestion would be to take some inspiration from isolated cultures in the real world. Beyond that, it's up to you whether or not you want to avoid going into detail right away, or make up something reasonable. (Unless I'm looking at the wrong spot on the map) Abalathia's Spine looks like a decent-sized mountain range, so it wouldn't be crazy to say there are multiple small villages/tribes/whatever of Hellsgaurd up there that could potentially have varying traditions.


If that's still daunting, there's nothing stopping you from making your character cityborn. Ul'dah in particular is crawling with Hellsguard npcs.

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I grew up in a religious family from a fairly rural, mountainous area of the US, so I have a little bit of insight into the personality of people from a similar area.  It seems to me the Hellsguard would compare fairly closely, given their religious duty and the geography where they live.  All of these traits apply to a greater or lesser degree depending on the individual and how far out in the boonies they live or how deep are their religious convictions:


Insular, religious, fanatical, pious, disillusioned, hopeful, cheerful, racist, conspiratorial, distrustful (at least of strangers and especially of outside authorities like the government), hospitable, carefree, talkative, uneducated, confrontational, disrespectful of the law (basically "I know what's best for me and mine").


Small communities in that area tend to be close-knit and proud.  They tend to be traditional and judgmental, a little bit behind the times when it comes to technology and education, and they deal with their own problems in their own way.  They also tend to be shrinking with an aging population, as young people leave to seek opportunities for better pay or better education in larger communities.


Part of what should help you define your character is the reason s/he would leave such a community.  Do you wish to break from traditional roles, seek fame or fortune, learn more about the world and become worldly (a decidedly negative trait as far as traditionalist values are concerned), or seek an education and greater opportunity?  Maybe you just never fit in to begin with.


By no means do I expect that all of the Hellsguard conform to this idea.  Just throwing out fodder for you to mull around when you consider how your own character may have lived and grown up, or if you were born in a city, how their parents would likely have grown up and developed their values.

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I am no way, shape or form a lore expert. I have done research on the Hellsguard, as my character is a Hellsguard and I was running into the same problems you are. Unfortunately,  most of the info you will find is a repeat from one place to another. Here are two places that I have gone too. 


Short blurb from Gamer Escape


From the FFXIV Wiki


Also, check out the RPC Wiki on Hellsguard, were you can find a lot of the same information. 


RPC Wiki


Having said that, One thing I have seen about the Hellsguard is that a majority of them have come down from their home in Alabathia's Spine, which is a mountain range in northern Eozrea north of Sharalyan. Supposedly the gates to hell reside there. Do they? I have not found anything that is conclusive to that fact. 


Most Hellsguard that come down and integrate into civilization do not use their families last name, but just use their first name. They also do not use the Roegadyn language when making their names, but use the common tongue. They still will try to name themselves after naturey things. This is a big difference from the seawolves who not only use the Roegadyn language for their names, but also keep the family, or surname, name. (Hence, why my character is Night Rain.)


I kind of like the fact that for the Hellsguard, they have left it quite open to interpretation in regards to their back stories. Going off of the language, the fact that physical competition (or any competition for that matter) is important too them, and the way the Roegadyn's seem to be a northern race from long ago, one could make a good case that they are very viking/germanic/icelandic when it comes to social interaction with their families.


If you would like to see how I've integrated my hellsguard family into his backstory, check out my wiki:


Night Rain's Wiki 


*places a pie down to hide his escape and flee's"

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