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question: can't find answer.

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Sorry in advance for the question, which I am sure is answered. 


Is there a "wardrobe" or costume type system in place or will there be one?


I.e. Wow's transmog, Rifts wardrobe system, etc...


There is some truly good looking gear in this game that I would love to use the look of well into my late game, but I obviously don't want to sacrifice stats...


I have looked through the beta forums, and the open forums and can't find an answer about this.

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Nova Crystallis: How is progress on the vanity slot system coming along? Will it still be released in a later patch or might it make it for the official release?


Yoshida: The design is already in the system, so it’s just deciding when to implement it. If we sort of add that slot to the UI now it won’t work straight away so it’s just about the timing. I probably won’t add it in the beginning because it might be too complicated and won’t look great, so maybe in six month’s time.



In others words, armor slots exclusively for your character's appearance are an upcoming feature.

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