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House Marchand (Inactive)

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House Marchand has only recently been conceptualized, and we are seeking people to become either family members or retainers of the house. Our goal is to build our elezen family from the ground up as people create their characters, while still offering a place for legacy characters on the Balmung server. If you have a character already established and you'd like to find a niche in our house, you are welcome! We'd also love to welcome anyone who might not have a firm backstory in place yet. The goal is to figure out some back stories and a family history together. 


What is House Marchand?


Located in the verdant city of Gridania, the Marchand family are crafters and merchants above all else. When the calamity struck, the house took in a great many refugees. These wayward souls were given food, housing, and allowed to use the extensive crafting halls of the house to learn a new vocation. Several of those refugees have made the house a permanent home, crafting or serving the house in other ways.



What We Seek:


Elezen Race


The heirs of the house are wildwood elezen, so most family members will need to choose the elezen race and wildwood clan. However, we are quite open and might consider adopted persons if the story works. Also - people who join our house do not need to be of the family. As a large manor, there are places for guards, servants, spies and most importantly - craftsmen.



Surname "Marchand"


Please know that we are hoping that people who are true family members will choose "Marchand" as their in game character surname. This is not required, there are some loopholes where a different name could work. However, as part of the goal of a shared narrative, this is one thing that will pull us together.



Some potential roles, and unavailable ones


  • We would LOVE more siblings!
  • The matriarch has recently died, so that is an unavailable role.
  • Patriarch (father) - if we find the right person interested in this role.
  • Other extended family - aunts/uncles/grandparents
  • Cousins - this is an easy way to not need to take the Marchand name, but still be involved!


Note that this house will be a linkshell only - no Free Company is planned at this time. However, if there is enough interest then a Free Company would be considered. The goal of House Marchand is to be another place to socialize, another set of stories and another group of people to roleplay with. Further, we hope to have social events that the RP community will be invited to.


Overall we are very open in potential members, so long as the storyline makes sense. Please visit our website or drop a line if you are interested in joining.


We look forward to playing with you!


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The creators of House Marchand have decided that it will be in our best interests to move the linkshell to Balmung. The initial excitement for the idea was all on Gilgamesh, but as time goes on and we begin networking, we are discovering that there is far more interest on Balmung and so have decided to make the change.


I wish to offer my deepest apologies to those of you who already decided to join us with the knowledge that we would be on Gilgamesh. It was unfair of us to make such a decision and then backtrack it this way, and I apologize. However, if any of you plan to spend time on Balmung then we would love to have you there, as well.


We have no desire to start a server war here, and would appreciate no posts of this nature. We look forward to seeing everyone in game!


~Player of Erisande

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Since our move to Balmung, we are looking for lots of new people! Are you an elezen looking for a family? Contact us!


Or are you a craftsman who would like to join up with like minded individuals? As the youngest of the Marchand children (so far), Adriel is determined to build up her family's business. That means we need crafters and gatherers! And only the best!


Maybe you are a soldier down on your luck? We need body guards and caravan guards!


Or are you a traveling trader? We're based in Gridania, so we're going to need help getting our products all over Eorzea.


Whatever your talents, we can use them. So, come and join us! Since House Marchand will be a linkshell (not a free company), there's no reason for you not to join us! See? You have no excuse now. :D

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Our concept doesn't really rely on a feudal system being in place. We do not consider ourselves nobility of any kind.


First and foremost, we're a business. We became semi-wealthy through the success of that business, and so have crafting halls available for people to study at and use. We have employees that create goods for us. We opened the doors of our large house to refugees when the Calamity hit, so now we have more people living with us than just our own family.


I hope this helps. If you have more questions, please let us know.

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Uhh... I totally just saw/found out this was a thing. 


I happen to have an RP-only Elezen named Yanick Marchand. He is a Duskwright, currently based out of Limsa. While your family appears to be entirely Wildwood, I figured I'd reach out in case y'all had interest in building RP connections, even if in distance, since I'm still working on his character/history/etc. and the naming happenstance seems too perfect to simply pass by. 


In game I'm usually found on my main, Illira Carceri, hope to chat about possibilities sometime!

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Good afternoon House,


I am coming to the end of my first month playing the game and last week decided I really liked the idea of your Linkshell and decided to commit to a making my main character a member of this family, if you will have me. I played a lot of World of Warcraft and was an avid roleplayer in the early years. In that game, I was a member of a House guild, so I am somewhat versed in the idea of being a household and working together for the betterment of our name.


My character is an Wildwood Elezen named Fermont Marchand. I am currently at work, or I would upload a screenshoot. I'm also Level 28 Gladiator, soon to start working on unlocking my first Job; Paladin. I have left my entire character open because I want to be able to cater to the needs of the LS. My only real interest is committing to the Paladin/Protector/Knight role of my Job. I am more than willing to pick up other things as necessary, but the character persona has not been fully realized just yet.


I play pretty regularly, and am ready to bust out into the RP scene. I would like to establish a connection as part of this LS before I attend any community events though. I live in the United States in the CST time zone and usually play between 8PM and 2AM my time, with varying times on Fridays and Saturdays (my free days). I have a lot of free time at work for forums as well, so staying updated and involved will be an easy task! I would love to hear from someone in-game, or even on here.


Thank you,

Fermont Marchand

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