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Market Day in Gridania [OPEN]

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For the past 3 days, a summer squall has stubbornly hung over the forest city of Gridania, dropping heavy rains and keeping most of the residents inside. So, when the skies finally cleared on the fourth day, it was no surprise that the market came alive instantly. Merchants hocked their wares from stalls they had been forced to close up during the rains, and men, women and children wandered the streets, shopping, socializing and stretching their legs after being cooped up for so long.


One of those shoppers was a young elezen woman with white hair that hung braided down her back, and a pair of intense ice blue eyes. She wore a white long sleeve tunic under a blue corset and a skirt of matching blue. The material and the cut were both of a high quality, as were the half a dozen gold dangles she wore as bracelets around each wrist. The ring on her right hand was clearly a house insignia, but it would take a very close observer to recognize the crest of House Marchand.


The elezen woman moved briskly through the streets, but not so fast as to disuage conversation. In fact, a few people stopped to bid her good morning and she nodded a polite greeting in return. Most of her attention was devoted to the merchants, many of whom she appeared to know by name.

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The first day the sun was out in three days. The wandering Miqo'te was finally able to get out and stretch his legs and enjoy the sun instead of being stuck inside the local inn.


Being the first day the markets were open he decided to take a tour of the area and see what the vendors had in stock. His dark red eyes glancing over every piece in every stall he was bound to get lost in it all. Completely lost in thought and sight he bumped into the Elezen woman completely unaware of his surroundings. He stopped and shifted his long unkempt hair out of his face to offer an apology for his lack of awareness.


"I'm sorry." Bowing slightly he continues his apology. "I was so lost in everything around that I didn't notice you right in front of me."

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Vash hated Gridania well mostly everything about it, but he was there for business. After being stuck at a popular tavern for three days he decided what harm could it do to shop around? He sprung out of bed walking about the town mostly carefree picking up a doughnut on his trip to the market.




He walked through the streets his ears perking up at every conversation. He took small bites of the doughnut to savor the taste. Vash placed his gunblade on the counter of one of the stalls saying to the man “I need a sling for this. Although I want something tasteful. Maybe a nice….” He turned his attention to the Elezen and the Miqo’te bumping into each other. He only chuckled raising his hand over his mouth to hide the food in it still keeping an eye on the two.

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Another elezen woman was in the market today, having risen with the sun. Her own hair was hidden by the thick cloak she wore, a little sensitive to the chill that still hung in the air after so much rain. At the crook of her arm she carried a large basket, already half full of fine fabric, threads, and jars of herbs.


She moved far more slowly from stall to stall, appraising each of the wares with a discerning eye. Occasionally she would pause to haggle a price and added something to her basket. Other times a heated discussion ended with a simple "No thank you" before she walked off. As she made her way through the market, she came upon Vash and noticed his intense gaze off in one direction. Following his gaze, she saw the elezen woman and the miqo'te, a little smile touching her lips.


"I do not think you're her type, sir."

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Adriel Marchand stiffened as the miqo'te bumped into her and a truly discerning eye might see her one hand drop down to where some adventurer types might keep a dagger or knife. The movement was only reflex, though, and she immediately relaxed upon deciding the bump was harmless. "It's quite alright," she replied with a smile. "It's a lot to take in. Are you looking for something in particular?"

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Yaein Mayweather was busy reorganizing her booth to notice any of the localized commotion going on around her. "Cookies on top. Wait, no. The frosted and unfrosted apple tarts on top, cookies in the middle. Hmmm that's not right either. Maybe the pies on top, cookies on the bottom and apple tarts in the middle." 


She took a step back to view her wares, ultimately undecided on what look was best. The smell was sure to draw people in, but a job halfway done isn't really done at all. This was one of those problems that one didn't mind having, but aesthetics were everything. All the merchants knew that they could make or break your sales if you weren't careful, and say one thing about Yaein Mayweather, say that she was definitely careful about these things.

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"Am I looking for something paticular?" He took a step back and made a quick look around before turning back to the Elezen.

"I'm not actually sure of that myself." He replies back to her blushing with a slight smile.

"You see I'm fairly new around here so I was taking a stroll..."


He stops momentarily as his ears perk up. He turns towards the Elezen who comment caught his attention. He hangs his head and blushes more. "Not her type? I don't understand. It was an accident."


Easily distracted in this new area his picks up his head and turns quickly as a fresh sent catches his nose. He stares toward the vendor with fresh baked goods. His mouth wide open and eyes shining brightly.

" I might have been looking for that." He mutters slightly. Unaware he started talking out loud.

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Adriel followed the miqo'te's glance to the sweetbooth and she smiled. "Ah. Yes. No one else can make a sweetberry pie like the Wild Heart Bakery." She closed her eyes and breathed in the scent, then chuckled. "Sometimes I see the kids stealing cookies from the bakery windows while they are cooling. The kids think they are getting away with highway robbery, but I've seen her grinning at their backs as they escape - she puts the cookies out there on purpose. Come on, my treat."





I've... kind of improvised. I assumed Adri would know a little about one of Gridania's favorite bakers, so I tried to express that without metagaming *too* much. Is that okay? :?




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V'sato straightens up as stiff as a board. He realizes he must've said what was on his mind out loud.

"Uh, th-thank you!" He says barely able to contain his excitement.

"By the way I'm V'sato. It's nice to meet you.." He pauses realizing he never caught the name of the Elezen he had walked into.





I dont think it's a problem as long as you don't go to far into it without knowing the right info


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After arranging the emerald tinted goodie bags, the baked goods, fresh fruits, and assortment of nuts, Yaein sat on her wooden stool next to her booth with a bored expression on her face. It was the first Market Day in Gridania in gods know how long. But by the twelve, those rainy days were always her favorite, and she had missed them already. The sound of rain droplets hitting the canopy of trees from above gave her tranquil comfort that reminded her of home back in Coerthas. She sat there, daydreaming with her elbows in her lap and her chin in her hands.

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"I'm Adriel," the elezen replied as she led the miqo'te towards the sweets cart. "Adriel Marchand." There was no time for further introductions, though, as they reached the cart and Adriel dipped her head in greeting to Yaein. "Good morning, ma'am. The scent of your cart is intoxicating."

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V'sato follows closely behind Adriel. Still slightly flustered at the sudden change of events but rather excited as well.


As Adriel approaches the cart and greats the woman tending it he pokes his head around her,

"I agree! I could smell your good from further away than I would care to say." He has some trouble containing his excitement but this is normal for him when obtaining snacks.

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"Why thank you, madam Marchand." Yaein bows and blushes as bright as a Limsa Lominsa peach at the sudden praise that the elezen of House Marchand heaped upon her. From behind the elezen she hears the miqo'te trailing behind while echoing Adriel's sentiments. "Oh! ...Really? I hope not too far!"

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"Favorite? Hmmm...could I fancy you in a piece of Crowned Cake? It's usually served at Ishgardian festivals. It's made of tear-shaped almonds, grounded cinnamon, maple sugar, and tart Faerie apples. All of which is locally grown." Yaein points down to each item as she explains just some of the options.


"And if that doesn't interest you, feel free to sample anything that you like. I have some sweet rice cakes, honey muffins, heart chocolates, acron cookies with pineapple chunks, and Rolanberry cheese sandwiches served with mini Knight Bread loafs. I don't think you could wrong with any of them, mi lady."

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Khior'a was pleased to see the sun again after the few days of rain.  Entering the market brought his usual bought of nervousness and he began to rifle through his bags.  His gil pouch was feeling lighter than normal after this long stretch of rain; its only hope for fill was the overstuffed herb pouch filled with various leaves, herbs and medicinals.  Looking up from his bag Khior'a spies several booths and cannot escape from the intoxicating smell of the freshly baked bread.  


Khior'a walked slowly over to the bakery booth fiddling with his very small collection of gil.  He knew what little he had wasn't going to buy him anything special, but if he didn't get some food in him soon he stood little chance of haggling off his goods and rent and books didn't pay for themselves.


"Hello, madam" he said quietly to the lady behind the bakery booth, "Anything I might be able to get for.." looking down into his gil bag, "...um, a small handful of gil"


I didn't want to put an exact gil amount since the value of gil is still up for discussion; however the amount shown is minimal, in RL terms walking into a bakery shop with a dollar or two.


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Yaein smiles back at the Khior'a and bows.


"Don't worry yourself with price. It's by donation. You pick whatever you want and you pay whatever price you think that the particular item is worth. This way tends to keep most people honest, and no one has to leave feeling as if they didn't get their money's worth. So by all means, feel free to choose."

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Yaein delicately wraps up a slice of cake in a sheet of transparent elm paper with the Wild Heart Bakery logo stamped onto it and hands it to the Elezen. She then goes through the same motion for the honey muffin and places it gently into the Miqo'te's hand, leaving the top of the muffin open to the Gridanian elements.

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V'sato stares intently at the table trying to decide. Not able to hold back any longer he gets very animated in his answer.

"Hmm...everything looks so good. But I can't get my mind of the Crowned Cake. Everything that's put into it...sounds amazing!"

V'sato is bouncing slightly excited about his choice.





Sorry I've been gone for a while. Computer issues. :blush:


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