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Class guilds?

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You mean if you shall put in if your a member of a specific guild ex. "Gladiators guild"?. If that is the case my awnser would be, Maybe. The guilds are a good way to learn specific art whether its Archery, swordsmanship or some kind of magic. However as i see it its not needed. You can just as much been taught the craft from anyone else, parents or tutors so on and so forth. 


But as i mentioned its not really needed, i would guess that the guilds give some flavour inrp as for example perhaps do things for the guild, A guild mission or whatnot. And as i mentioned before its a good way as any other if you wish to learn that specific skill.


In the end its about whether you wish to say you're part of a specific guild or learned said skills annother way.


Hope i helped in some fashion.



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