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abnormalDeity's abnormal doodles! (not as abnormal as you might think tho)

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Hey! I saw some really great artists here, so I got kinda jealous and figured "Hey! Why not make our own thread?". So, here we are I guess!


Here's a little character sketch.. thing.. for Juniper that I've been working on every now and then!





(P.s. I can do requests if you guys want, but it might take me a while, so please be patient! :o )

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Figured I'd post a WIP of a little sketch I've been working on, so a have a little sleepy kitty :P (I felt like drawing her in a hoodie and jeans for some reason.. no idea why haha)


Btw, how do you do spoilers properly? I'd like to fit all my sketches and stuff all neat in the OP post, but I've got no idea how.

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