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Story Time With Rhynka [Closed]

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((I decided to start a thread to keep an archive of sorts of the stories Rhynka tells in RP. As a bard I hope to do much of this randomly or at an event if requested to. Keeping track will also help keep me organized on stories she's told, when and where they were told and the content of the story! Some of these may get very long and I have edited away any OoC chatter. I do not proof read over the logs as I want them unaltered as possible!))

[7:41:51 PM] Desphiria: Zilika tilted her head slightly and stares at the small case. "What's in there?" She asked, curiously as she listened to what the woman said. "Did you like it there? What was it like?"

[7:45:30 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Rhynka popped open the case, a slender and so elegant pipe smoothly shaped in bone was procured from it. "Well, as I said I fell in love with it, no lie!" She nodded to her pipe as she filled it with moko grass, the scent of cloves was thick, perhaps teasing to a miqo's nose trained or not. "This is just to relax.."

[7:48:31 PM] Desphiria: W'zilika wiggled her little brown nose and sneezed lightly. "Sorry. I hope it didn't get on you." She said as her tail swayed happily and she tilted her head, looking at the pipe. "Whatever you have smells kind of goods but it makes my nose itchy." She said, wiggling her nose a little. "I'm not sure, if there's any place I really want to visit. I haven't really be to many places yet at all."

[7:53:03 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: "Oh no, I was just thinking of a storry... of the waywarrrd seekerrr." She gently tucked her middle finger into the bowl of the smoking tool it began to glow orange and smoke slipped in a slinky trail of sensual lure. "She liked to chase the Sun you see. Her love of the warrrden was uncanny."

[7:55:21 PM] Desphiria: "Ooo, tell me the story please." W'zilika said as she listened closely, her tail swaying happily.

[8:00:42 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: "Well... it starrrts by a pool of gentle waterrr under the loverrr's silverrr stare" She took her finger from the bowl of her smoking peace as it glowed to life on it's own. Exhaling from those thick pouty lips loose and relaxed sending thick ringlets into the air. "She was like fire despite the crystal clear waterrrs. If that winterrr's night been colderrr she would have left steam in herrr wake! Her loverrr had upset herrr. Rrrambling strrrange concepts she didn't underrrstand."

[8:03:44 PM] Desphiria: W'zilika frowned, hearing about how the wandering seeker's lover had upset her. "She should have poured a bucket of water on him." She nodded firmly then giggled. "That would've taught him to make her angry."

[8:07:47 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Her head rolled back and a bold laugh shook her hefty endowed chest! "She thrrrew a rrrock at him. He had left her to be on the otherrr side of the lake. The moon watching frrrom between them overrr the vast watery mirrorrr." Taking another pull off the pipe she continued, "His feelings werrre so full of despairrr as you say. She had gone storrrming into the trrreees. She found a perrrch high in a trrree, watching a firre drrrake tend to her young. The drrake was bathing them with love in the fire of herr breath!"

[8:08:31 PM] Bauldric: Mat snuck back into the establishment, hearing the two speaking as he did. He stepped quietly and tried to take a seat unnoticed as to not interrupt the story being told.

[8:11:47 PM] Desphiria: W'zilika giggled softly when she mentioned that a rock was thrown, her ears twitching slightly as she continued to listen intently, it was so interesting already! Then she gasped, hearing about the fire drak and her young. "Oh no! Wouldn't that fire have hurt her babies?!" She exclaimed, frowning at the thought, her ears going against her head.

[8:15:57 PM] Bauldric: Mat laughed a little at Zilika's response but tried to keep it to himself.

[8:19:11 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: "They werrre still eggs, you see?" Puffing a moment on her pipe she let the smoke out slow, allowing it to play upon and caress her upper lip gently to flow up her round wide nostrils. "She had to keep them warrrm to hatch. I do not think she hearrrd the Seekerrr. If she did perrrhaps she knew the youth meant no harrrm. As she could not have childrrren of herrr own, and herr motherrr was but a shadowed memorrry she watched with keen fascination!"

[8:23:12 PM] Desphiria: "That poor seeker woman." The young woman said as she frowned. Then her ear twitched and she looked around, before noticing Mat and waving at him, before turning back to Rhynka. "She's telling the story of the wandering seeker." She informed him. "I feel bad for her a little though, she couldn't have any childrens." W'zilika shook her head. "But, at least the drake didn't hurt her babies so, yays!"

[8:27:28 PM] Bauldric: Mat nodded, not saying much and produced a little pouch that he poured on to the counter, it was tons of tiny little gems, all about the size of what might fit into jewerly, most worthless and he began to pick through them," don't let me interrupt, I am enjoying listening." He smiled up at them once before he returned to his inspection.

[8:33:46 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: The woman's eyes seemed a bit distracted a moment by the shiny things, it was a subtle stare akin to a kitten's. Her bobcat sized tail flicked back and forth at the very tip. "Waywarrrd, sweet hearrt!" She smiled pulling her attention off Mat and his gems. "The night rrrrolled on! The loverrr's eye had almost past overrr the lake, saddened at the distance between the two. The man was pacing, unsurre how to soothe the firrre he had strruck with his beloved. He was a patient man, unlike the hot headed Seekerrr he like to be still as calm waterrr. He could not underrrstand how such prrroclamations of his love could have hurrrt the poorrr Seekerrr for she was as unforrgiving as the sagolli sun herrr self when angerr'd!"

[8:38:01 PM] Bauldric: "If a seeker is hot headed then I wonder what this love would think of a highlander female." He snickered," I wonder if they are just if not more so." He picked up an emerald the size of his thumb nail, uncut and yet so shiny. They had been polished to shine but that's it. He flicked it into the pile and sighed.

[8:40:06 PM | Edited 8:40:14 PM] Desphiria: "I bet I know why it made her mad." W'zilika said as she sat up straight then pointed up at the cieling. "He forgot to tell her over a romantic dinner and a nice walk through the forest." With a firm nod W'zilika turned to Mat and thought about that. "I'm not sure, what do you mean by highlander female?" She asked, before turning back to Rhynka. "He should have taken her out first, the silly man. They never know how to tell us that they love us right." W'zilika crossed her arms and huffed cutely, tail flicking slightly.

[8:41:13 PM] Bauldric: Mat snickered again," Wait till someone pisses off the owner of the Den and you will see what I mean." He reached up to ruffle Zilika's head again, smirking wider as he did.

[8:41:56 PM] Rhenalyrr - Alex D. Pratte: A small hum would enter the Den, as Rikoh skips in. Still somewhat overly hyper and happy. Stopping just after entering, looking around. Puffing out her right cheek a little bit. "I think I got lost. I don't remember traveling in a circle." She giggled. "Guess I'm stuck here for tonight."

[8:47:45 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: "I've felt compelled to rrromp... 'rrestle? A highlanderr woman beforre, I'd ratherrr starrt with an Elezen firrst, morre my size. Starrrting off big could be painful afterrr-all!" She winked at the man handing his stones! "Well, my darrrling, a Seekerrr such as she did not lavish in the rrriches of the city, the waterrr the lake prrovided and the peace it brrrought was all the wealth she need. Her trrrue luxurrry was the company of which she sharrred such a perfect camp!" Rhynka took one last pull from her pipe. "She could not underrrstand this, the language of love was forrreign to her raven furred earrrs. He was a patient man, but even he couldn't take such punishment forrr long so he returrned to camp to find her!"

[8:53:51 PM] Desphiria: "Ooohs, and I think it's wrestle." She replied to her first question. Her ears twitched, hearing Rikoh return. "Rikoh! Rhynka's telling us the story of the wayward seeker. Come listen, it's really good." She told the hyper Miqo'te woman as her tail flicked lightly. "Ooo, he went to find her?! That is the best person ever." W'zilika commented. Then she heard what she said about love being foreign and she nodded sagely. "It's very weird to understand. I don't really get it either and I don't even think I've ever experienced it before." The young girl then turned to Mat again, purring softly from the hair ruffle. "That would be mean, making the owner angry when she's so nice to us."

[8:55:10 PM] Rhenalyrr - Alex D. Pratte: Rikoh blinks, nods, and finds a seat to quietly listen to the story.

[8:55:30 PM] Bauldric: "I wouldn't do it intentionally. I don't need a boot up my arse." He said with a snicker turning back to his small gem pile looking through it, some he would keep out but most got tossed back into the pile.

[9:03:36 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Another pause came as the woman tried to get one last draw from the pipe. Getting nothing she blinked, removing the enchanted sideways stare at the gems and moving to tuck her pipe into its case and tucking it away. "Well, he rrreally was, perhaps with how she always loved chasing the sun it could leave herrr blind to the loverrr's worrth in the night?" She lowered her head, hands folded neatly upon her tummy while she rocked back and fourth on the chair's back legs. Her golden sandled feet still placed on the table. "When he found she was not therrre he worried. They werrre in rich hunting land! Some of otherrr native hunterrr's were strrronger or larrger! Boarrrs larrgerrr than a chocobo, as well as pyrrrodrrrakes and raptorrrs werre theirrr competition herre! So he rrrushed off to trrrack herrr through the trrees! Foolishly he called in panic, his overrwelming desirre to find herrr made him deaf to the disturrrbance he was causing!"

[9:06:35 PM] Bauldric: "Ohhh boy." Mat remarked, laughing a little," He's gonna hurt the momma drake ain't he?" He said to Rhynka smiling a little," Or is he going to get burned to a crisp?"

[9:08:41 PM | Edited 9:08:52 PM] Desphiria: "Mat! Don't spoil it!" W'zilika exclaimed as she stared at him and tried to glare at him then the turned to Rhynka again. "What happened to him?! Is he gonna be okay?! Oh my gosh!" She was enthralled with the story, her tail swaying happily behind her as she stared intently at Rhynka, her ears twitching slightly.

[9:09:35 PM] Bauldric: He flicked a little ruby at Zilika," I didn't ruin anything."

[9:10:21 PM] Rhenalyrr - Alex D. Pratte: Rikoh jumps at the overthrilled comments. She changes to another chair, to sit down again. Perhaps more to do with her not being able to stay still very long. "Shh..." She smiled.

[9:10:37 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Rhynka then lashed forward with keen digits to snatch the ruby from the air, tucking it in the natural pocket that was her cleavage.

[9:12:41 PM] Bauldric: Mat blinked at Rhynka's movements. Sitting still for a moment and then he smirked devilishly as he kept digging through his small gem pile.

[9:12:51 PM] Desphiria: "Oops, sorry." She whispered, hearing Rikoh shush her. Her ears perked up, after hearing the ruby then blinked as she felt the wind from Rhynka's fast reflexes. "Nice catch."

[9:13:23 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: "Errrhmmm.." Clearing her throat, an overly digified wiggle of her plump butt in her chair resulted in righting her posture as she was no longer leaning back. "No, the motherrr-drake was not the thrreat he'd stirrr. Frrrom her spot in the trree the Seekerrr could see shadows stalking afterrr him. You see he had been playing with a rrrandom pup while he was away, orrr trying to get it to chase a stick and leave him be! The scent drrrew the pack to him, along with his shouting."

[9:13:50 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Rhynka just beamed an innocent smile at the girl.

[9:14:53 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: "Urrmm, forrce of habit..." Looking side to side as if wondering if she was to cough it up or not.

[9:16:38 PM] Bauldric: "So...you are going to just keep it huh?" Mat asked after a few moments.

[9:17:35 PM] Desphiria: "Ooohs." W'zilika sighed softly, then she squeaked, hearing that the scent had drew the pack to the man now. "That's not good." She whispered softly.

[9:19:04 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Ears went flat and she dipped her slender fingertips into the tight mashed Y shape of her bust, retrieving the stone she'd polish it off again on the mismatched leg of her pants. She relequished it with a sigh to the other Miqo'te. "I think he intended you have this." Resembling a guilty brat returning a cookie after taking a bite. "Hrmm, wherre was I..."

[9:21:18 PM] Rhenalyrr - Alex D. Pratte: Rikoh starts leaning to a side without anything to lean against, likely to fall if she leaned too far. "You were at.. hmm... him screaming, I think."

[9:21:42 PM] Desphiria: W'zilika blinked then looked at the shape of the item, taking it from her and putting it close to her face. "What is it?" She asked, her tail swaying softly, sniffing it before gently biting it. "You were talking about the creatures he had stirred, I think it was about the wolf pack?"

[9:23:09 PM] Bauldric: "I hope that hurt." He snickered," Its a precious stone, a ruby. It doesn't have the luster I like though."

[9:31:06 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Rhynka watched the miqo'te eyeing the gem a moment before tilting back in the chair again and tipping her hat to obscure her eyes from such distractions. Hands folded neatly on her stomach again. "Yes... she saw what his desperate shouting had rrriled. She had no time to crritisize his foolishness orrr she would have. Thick as she thought him to be she would've perrrished of despairrr had he been hurrt on herrr account. So the Seekerrr dropped frrom the trrrees, muting his calls with a hand and pointed up the path wherrre the motherr drrrake. The two worrrked well togetherrr, yes? He underrstood not what she intended, but he trrrusted her guidence. She lept back into the trrees and he continued in the dirrection she pointed and the mongrrrels drrrew closerrr!"

[9:33:20 PM] Bauldric: Mat stopped for a moment and looked up, this time flicking a gem at Rhynka trying to distract her," Wow, don't stop now. I want to know how the story ends!" He said smiling and a hint of serious did stick to his tone.

[9:35:09 PM] Desphiria: W'zilika sat leaning in her chair, tail flicking as she continued to listen intently to the story. "What happened next?" She asked softly, wanting to know how it ended too.

[9:39:45 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: Rhynka's ear perked at the sound of something approaching through the air, her hand reached out to snatch the gem thrown to her. Just like the other she shoved it in to the same place, between her firm mashed breasts. It was a handy stash place! "As he lead the pack closerrr to the motherr drrake's clearring she heard clearly the sound of danger approaching. She stopped nurrrsing herr eggs and rose, rready to defend them. Just as he could feel the hot brreath of the pack's leaderrr upon his neck the Seekerrr lunged down forcing his momentum to loop up allowing him to join herr upon the brranch! The motherr drrake met the wolves head on as they worrked togetherr to take on the more dirre thrreat leaving the loverrs to slip away, watching frrrom afarrr!"

[9:43:35 PM | Edited 9:43:41 PM] Bauldric: "Well...are you gonna regail us with the fight..." Mat asked jaw dropped a little in awe.

[9:44:18 PM] Desphiria: W'zilika stared wide-eyed and gasped. "Oh no! Not the mother drake and her babies!" She exclaimed, her ears going against her head. "I hope nothing bad happened to the mom, that would be terribles."

[9:54:14 PM] Rhynka Lahoka: "The fight was brrutal, the two sides had forrgotten about them... The Seekerrr watched on in bitterrsweet rrelief! She knew the motherr drrake could not take on so many! Herrr young ones, still cozy in theirr eggs would sufferrr forr it!" Rhynka rocked forward and back bit before setting the chair on all fours proper again and leaning forward with elbows on the table. "As the pack settled into eatting the Seekerrr got an idea, rrobbing herr loverr of his shirrt she made herr way quietly with him shadowing herr to gatherr the larrge eggs. To shake the mongrrels of theirr scent they took a rrround about way back to camp. Theirrr differrences forrgotten in the close call of dangerrr thrreatening to separrate them! The pale moon looked full upon them one last time with a satisfied smile at seeing the two in harrmony again. The Seekerrr placed the eggs upon the firre to warrrm them in place of theirrr motherr's brreath. Herrr loverrr found the pup had torrrn all of the Seekerrr's prrecious small clothes to bits as the small fourrr legged menace had followed him back to camp some how. In spite of this the Seekerrr was unbotherred, so seeing herrr job done, the moon was happy to retrreat beyond the horrizon, letting herr sunny sisterrr watch overr them as they took a much needed rrest!"


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