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History Of Vashies Alexander

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Name: Vashies Alexander

Age: 24

birthday: 08/27

height: 6'0

weight: 155 pounds

(You enter a bar all sits are taken but one. A Male Miqo'te is sitting at the table eating and drinking. You sit beside him and not seem strange you ask him what brought him here as he burps he says)

The Name is Vahies (laughs) I'm a miqo'te lancer in training to be come a dragoon. I grew up in Limsa Lominsa.... What you want know more?( You nod) Ok fine you seem like you need good story and there is some thing about you that makes me want share my story with you. So listen up because i talk fast and i hate for you miss some thing.



 Few months ago I woke up in a elderly human woman's guest bed. She was looking down at me; tending to my wounds. She asked me if I was a  soldier, though i couldn't recall. She paused in confusion that I could not recall how i got my wounds. She said next, "What of your name?" I paused to find my mind was blank and told her I did not know. Again she looked at me in confusion and said " It does not matter to me but that i found you and you're safe now." As she was leaving the room she paused at the door frame and told me that I could stay with her until my wounds healed. As she left the room I gazed around the bed room to see flowers on the window, book shelf, and a spear on the wall. I gazed at the spear as i felt like i was one with it and that i was meant to weld it. As i gazed at the spear i fell a sleep to wake the next morning with food by my head. The elder woman said "time for you to eat my young boy" with a smile. As i ate she told me she found me by the shore near her house and a few men helped her carry me to her house. I was here for 4 days be for i woke and every day she cared to my wounds. She told me about her late husband who fought in the war and came home to her. She said they where happy to gather and even made a fish market where every day she buys and sell fish. She told me her husband died of a fever just 3 months ago as she cry'ed. I didn't know what to say make her feel better but then she stopped crying and said " do you not still recall your name"? As i sat up i said " sorry i do not".... She smiled then said " you look like a Vashies to me.... my husband wanted name are first child that and i think he agree you look like a Vashies. ( Vashies pauses) Now that I think back is it not strange that I don't recall my past but I still know how to talk?... any way.....



 2 months have passed and i hear it has been 5 years after the war, strange i don't recall this war... is that where i was be for i washed up on shore?..... Well  my wounds are healed and the elder woman that i now call mom latter to know her true name was Anna thought of me as her son. I still live with Anna and as to repay the woman i took up work at a ship yard and would take week trips to go fishing with the other men. One day i return from a fishing trip to find Anna had passed in her sleep while holding a small painting of her husband and old bloody rap that was around my chest when she was nursing me back to health. The news came to me as a shock as i sat on my bed. As i sat looking down at the floor i recalled the first time i saw Anna looking down at me tending to my wounds with her gray hair and kind eyes. As a tear ran down my face i looked up to see her husbands spear on the wall. I wiped the tear off my face and lifted the spear off the polls that held it their on the wall. I gathered few things i had and left the house. Upon leaving Limsa Lominsa i saw a refugee  family coming to town. I stopped them and handed the man the keys to the house. In shock he asked "what is this"? I replied " Your home". In confusion he ask " why are you giving your home to use"? I replied as i started walk away to the carriage " there is nothing left for me here". As i started put my thing on to the carriage the refugee stop me with tears running down his face from joy to ask me his final question " Sir what is your name so that i know who to ask gods to thank"? I paused to find my self recalling Anna telling me her last name the one she took when her husband and her got married..... and replied while smiling to the refugee " Vashies Alexander".  



"(Vashies Burps starts to eat more of his fry'ed fish, drinks some ale and starts talking again)" So that's my story in a moogle nut shell! As you can tell im no normal miqo'te hence some of my kind think of me more human then miqo'te, because i talk more human and my name sounds more human. I know only few things about my self one that im a seeker of the sun and two i know my way around a spear. So I'm on my way to Gridania as i hope i can learn more about lancing. Upon my travels like two towns back I ran in to a woman miqo'te... Her name was Shep.... kind woman but all so very to her self.....i wonder if are path will cross again. Like when i first meet Shep and we talked i had feeling as if she was like my sister. We bonded in are travels that when we went are separate ways we promised each other we would meet up again in UL'Dah. I feel that this may be long relationship between her and I, i would like to think of her as my sister. To protect her now is my meaning so I must become stronger for my sis. She said she was going to join the Ul'Dah army .... never been their but i hear they have a great army maybe ill sign up to. Well Im rambling on like i all was do so here is a quick low down on how I act. 

1. I'm keen to doing stuff on my own but I do like have people around to in joy the little things in life.

2. I love food! You cook? I got a belly that will eat your cooking!

3. Danger? Mhm *cracks knuckles* Seem like that is where the fun is!

4. Respect! Its my honor code in battle or out, break it.... well lets say you don't want me not to respect you.

5. You need help? You are broke? No worry's my friend I will help you any way.

6. Hate being board... really I hate it!

7. I love to laugh so bring the humor!

(Vashies looks out the window) Well it looks like the carriage to Gridania is here.... hate let good food go to waste but any way, it was nice to meet you and all but I have to go. Maybe we shall meet again huh. (you nod  as Vashies grabs his things and throws his spear around his back as he heads out the door)





I redid my story since i thought it could be better..... hope you like the read!

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Don't know if you want feedback or not, but i really enjoyed reading that and it looks you've put some time into it. Seems like a fun guy to get to know irp and rp with.



Why thank you! I wanted show more of the good side to Vashies and his sloppy's ways. His story may be sad but i wanted show more about him. So i'm glad you in joyed it.

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