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How come up with a real Lalafell Name

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This post will help you come up with more lore base name for your Lalafell. I hope you in joy you and i didn't come up with this my self I found it while looking up lore on Lalafell. I will add the link so you can thank the true person. This is all so for the male and females so please in joy^^


Lalafell Naming Convention



Lalafell - Plainsfolk



Both Plainsfolk and Dunsefolk Lalafell names are ruled by rhythm, repetition, and rhyming (as well as a little alliteration). Syllable count also plays a large part. There are four unique sets of rules, and these rules are rarely deviated from. Once the rules are learned, one will be able to discern a Lalafell’s clan and gender by simply looking at a name.


The Lalafellin language (used by the clans before they arrived in Eorzea) originally only possessed five distinct vowels: a e i o u. The pronunciations are as follows:


a (“ah” as in arm)

e (“eh” as in bet)

i (“ee” as in beet)

o (“oh” as in home)

u (“ooh” as in dude).


Surnames are only surnames in placement, as they are not taken from the mother or father and are unique to the individual.




1. The phoneme pattern used is AB - CB

2. The A and C phonemes do not have to rhyme.

3. The AB, and C phonemes are usually limited to one or two syllables.


Zorido Manarido

Kopel Yorpel

Alka Zolka

Waguda Mabaguda


Fun Fact: In everyday speech, Plainsfolk males will usually always use their full names, rarely ever breaking them down into solely first or last.




1. The phoneme pattern used is ABB - AB.

2. The A and B phonemes are always one syllable, and most often a single consonant paired with a single vowel, or simply a single vowel.


Mimomo Mimo

Tokiki Toki

Ulala Ula

Honmeme Honme



Lalafell - Dunesfolk





1. The phoneme pattern used is AAB - CCB

2. The A and C phonemes are 1 syllable, the B phoneme 2.

3. The A and C phonemes may rhyme, but do not have to.

4. Syllables are most often a single consonant paired with a single vowel, or simply a single vowel.


Jajariku Nanariku (rhyming)

Momomena Lolomena (rhyming)

Nunulupa Tatalupa (non-rhyming)

Fafajoni Kukujoni (non-rhyming)


There are rare cases when the B phoneme will ‘seemingly’ have one syllable such as Zozonan or Nanalai. The ‘n’ and ‘i’ here are, in fact, the remnants of sounds that were once paired with a Lalafellin vowel that, over time, has disappeared from speech, and therefore become silent in names.




1. The phoneme pattern used is AAB - AB

2. The A and B phonemes are 1 syllable (with the A phoneme always repeated in the forename).

3. Syllables are most often a single consonant paired with a single vowel, or simply a single vowel.


Jajano Jano

Kokobi Kobi

Yayamo Yamo

Chuchumu Chumu


Fun Fact: Members of the Ul'dah and Sil'dih royal families also bear the names of their respective sultanates.


- Nanamo Ul Namo

- Lalawefu Sil Tatawefu

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