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Clan backgrounds

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Still got those first thread jitters, yeesh.


Hello, everyone! I have the feeling this is too early, but I want to make sure I have the okay with other Seekers concerning the background of my character. Specifically, the clans I want to discuss this with are L and I, but Miqo'te lore (as well as opinions based on said lore) in general would help me out.


After scouring the lore section of the Lodestone, I had the impression interbreeding with Keepers is seen as taboo, but I'm not sure if that also applies to the other Seeker clans? I also saw a few people have asked about the repercussions of a Nunh mistreating the women of his clan, but I don't think that issue has been addressed. Or, at least I haven't seen any official reply about it...



Anyway, the name I've been pondering over (and actually used in phase 3) is Li'ur. His bi-clan naming is a mash of his parents (L = father, I = mother) and "ur" comes from the word "urban." The story I have behind this involves the reigning Nunh(s) of the I clan not having a particular interest in his mother, so she ended up having a naive relationship with a tia from the L clan. Of course, the result of that had her booted out of the clan, which caused her to head for Ul'dah.


Ultimately, what I am asking is: would the people playing I Seekers be alright with the idea of an out casted member because she had liaisons with a tia from another clan? Would the ones playing L Seekers be alright with the idea of a tia who ignored his position and sired a child with a woman from another clan? Opinions and concerns would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Welcome to the site! :)


The first thing that's important to note here is that the tribes aren't monolithic. Instead, they tend to form lots of branches with nunhs created from the expansion of territory (references here). So, people playing Vipers (letter "L") aren't all related and know each other; they can very easily be from different territories of their players' construction. What my character (a Viper, well, kind of a Viper, anyway :) ) thinks about your character doesn't reflect what others might think, and a consensus, such as it is, of players doesn't necessarily represent the consensus of both PC and NPC miqo'te in the tribal branch from which your character hails.


Yes, some people are playing branches of specific tribes (thus the thread on selecting which tribe that'll be), but that's not the way most people are going to be playing miqo'te, nor do those players have any claim to how the whole of that tribe is.


With that out of the way, tia who sire children are violating a major societal taboo, as are women who mate with tia (although, let's be honest, that probably happens a fair amount :) ). Because of the branching of the tribes, you have the ability to write your story for how that was handled as light or as dark as you want. I think your story is entirely okay within the established lore, since the entire family would be outcasts; other Seekers would see the father as trying to establish his own tribe, that the mother is going along with it, and so the whole family should go do that somewhere else.


For what it's worth, my character would chalk that up to yet another example of why the tribal system is awful, and it's a good thing she ended up in Ul'dah, and you should feel lucky things weren't worse, etc.

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Thank you for the welcome, Freelance :D


The branching tribes completely slipped my mind! I originally thought I should be considerate of the other PC Seekers before setting everything in stone for mine. That certainly takes a load off my shoulders, haha.


Looks like I can go back to my word document without any concerns for now. Thanks!

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