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Under Sun Burning Bright


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In Remembrance of War Season,

and all the noble Agarnorn who gave

their lives on the sands of Altepa:



Under sun burning bright

They went to the west

And went by the road most known


They gathered large

And raised up the flag

And walked as the sun did show


They had not guns

But bows and swords

They looked to the western cliffs


They marched to the edge

And then without rest

Did go to war's sweet kiss


Fathers and sons

Mothers and daughters

None would be spared that day


From all of the land

They went to the west

They went on their final way


Into those rocks

On Altepa's sand

Through the hills they marched to the fore


And saw in the eyes

Where their enemy lied

The color of the coming war


Then all came to be

In war did they see

The spirit of their fighting men


They raised up the voice

And having no choice

Gave their bodies to the weapon's edge


Their courage showed

And blood was sown

That freedom come the harvest day


The world would not see

But the people'd be

Free because of the price t'was paid

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