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FFXIV Academic Institutions

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Are there are academic institutions already written into the lore?  I know we have the individual guilds which provide training in the specific classes/job, I was just wondering if there were others.  I have tried to do some brief searches and have not come up with anything.


On the RP side of things, is anyone RPing as part of an academic institution or as a learned individual?

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I'm not personally aware of any SE-created academic institutions in lore. Some might exist outside of the guilds, but I imagine the guilds are the primary means of education using a apprenticeship system. I would suspect the Garleans would be more likely to use a university system, but I don't know of any support in lore for that, either.


In terms of PC-created things, yep, there's the Academy linked earlier, and AFAIK, that's it so far. (I've considered starting a "mage's guild" FC, but it'd be more "Freemasons and Thelema" than "Oxford and Harvard" conceptually. :) )


I'm sure a lot of people are playing learned individuals. L'yhta's a voracious reader who was given a classical education by a group of old spellcasters, for instance, and she likes to think of herself as quite learned.

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As part of Kannadi's background, I handwaved a "Saint Branford's" high-quality high-tuition all-grades girls' school into some corner of Ul'dah that doesn't exist on the map.


It's where wealthy families dump their young ladies for several hours a day over about a decade and a half. As completely non-official-lore as a thing can get.

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It's hard to say if there's any such institution in Eorzea. From what I gathered when playing, I think the safest way to approach education is to imply the guild's take care of that. Upbringing is most likely handled by the family itself until a certain age, at which point I'd expect the child to either become an apprentice on one of the guilds or to start learning their parent's trade if they can't afford the apprenticeship for whatever reason. Guilds don't seem to ask for money to the player-characters (maybe they have a special 'adventurer scholarship'?), but the teachers would still have to be convinced that the potential apprentice has...well, potential.


Alternatively, we can assume there are off-screen schools and academies, but then one would expect them to come up during the game: all the scholarly NPCs I have seen always come from one of the guilds.

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