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Apprentice Arcanist

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[*I only do minor and casual RP and I am not an expert on the lore, so please let me know if I mess up any lore. These were written as entries in my characters journal while he waits to start work at the Arcanists Guild (AKA waiting for the game to launch).*]



[Excerpts from the journal of Ryken Meadowhawk]


7, 16 1577


Finally! I have been accepted into an apprenticeship at Mealvaan’s Gate!


A moogle courier came by my room here at the Mizzenmast today. He delivered my acceptance letter as well as a worn out grimoire. I have been staying here for what seems like weeks, waiting for the Arcanists to consider my apprenticeship.


It looks like I don’t report for training for a few weeks still. At least the food at the Drowning Wench is good. I hear most of it is prepared by the Culinarians over at the Bismarck. Maybe I will use this time to go over the grimoire they sent me…




7, 18 1577


Well, it’s a good thing I am starting work soon. I owe the Mizzenmast some gil for damages, and I only have enough on me for about a month’s worth of room and board.


The grimoire they sent me isn’t too complex, and I was able to make out most of the first section. The first few pages described a spell called “Ruin”. Usually, aether manipulation results in an elementally attuned spell. I have seen a number of thaumaturges and conjurors manipulate the aether to produce fiery spells and rejuvenating light spells. Ruin, it seems, is not bound to any particular element. In fact, the text seems to indicate that Ruin works like an “anti-element”, annihilating the subject the spell is cast upon. The rest of the chapter is filled with the arcane geometric designs used to harness this spell.


After a few failed attempts, I managed to cast the spell on the candlestick next to my bed. I assume more knowledgeable Arcanists can annihilate larger volumes of matter, but I was only able to put a few small holes in the brass candlestick. Upon examination, the holes had no scorch marks or residue and the missing brass was nowhere to be found. This leads me to believe that the “anti-element” nature of Ruin simply causes matter to cease to exist. I imagine the Arcanists use this spell to dispose of dangerous materials or substances that get smuggled into Limsa Lominsa.


After a little practice, I was able to punch a small hole in the wall to my neighbor’s room. Unfortunately, my neighbor didn’t appreciate that and threatened to lop my head off with her sword. The innkeeper wasn’t too happy either so I went outside to continue my studies. While practicing on some boulders, I was swarmed by a cloud of annoying flies. In a fit of aggravation, I cast Ruin on the swarm.


-A point of interest; living beings seems to have an innate resistance to annihilation.


 In this case, Ruin only did minor and sporadic harm to their little bodies, and they died from traumatic wounds rather than simple annihilation. I think I will need to test this further, but I loathe the idea of attacking a living creature without provocation.


The rest of the grimoire introduces the geometric nature of gemstones. I am having trouble understanding the text here, and I hope it is part of my training. Before I go to bed I need to get something to eat, but the innkeeper is pestering me to pay for the damages to my room. Maybe I will sneak out and get some dinner on the balcony over at the Bismarck.




(Some background information on Ryken)

Ryken is an intelligent man. Once a scribe for a wealthy merchant guild, he decided to pursue an apprenticeship with the Arcanists after he discovered he possessed magical aptitude. He is a very dedicated student who approaches his studies with a very scientific mind. His journal is a collection of both his casual thoughts and his notes on his personal studies and experiments. He loves to learn new things and gain knowledge, so he will fit right in (and perform a lot of experiments) with the Arcanist and Alchemist guilds. He is a loyal friend, and he enjoys an excellent meal (and will spend foolish amounts of gil for one), though he is a terrible cook. He relishes adventure because it provides him an opportunity to discover new things. He can be a bit clumsy and absent-minded (blowing holes in peoples walls), but he takes those mistakes in stride, often learning from his mistakes.

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