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So, I'm not really.. New.. here, perse. But, I've never done the whole "Hey, look at me, I'm here!" post thing, soooo. Here goes on that.


I'm Kaln. Well, my character is Kaln. I was around back in 1.0, but was much the same in the sense that I took a backseat. Lurked, read, never posted. Had found a linkshell back then I loved, met a good friend from it. Saddly, he won't be returning, so I'll have to end up finding a new LS to join. I'll get to that.


Lets see.. Some about the player here. I'm 24, live in Oklahoma, have been gaming since I was three or so, back on the old 486's and 386's. I can remember sitting beside my dad, telling him what to do in the original Pools of Radiance games. Ah, the nostalgia.. Anywho.


I'm a heavy RPer, in that I'm IC 95% of the time I'm in game. My only issue is that I'm kind of a recluse. I'm much more prone to standing silently off to the side, watching other people RP then I am to step up and make myself known. This gives me many, many hours of watching the screen, not doing anything because I'm a hermit. That's something I'd love to find here, is someone/someones to pull me out of my shell, though it'll take some work. I've always had a group of friends in every game I've played, but I have none that'll be moving over to ARR with me.. So with that in mind, someone who would want to start from scratch and both level, and RP the whole while.. That could be immensely fun. Details can be hammered out in PMs.


I would love to get some ideas for what linkshell to look into as well - I notice there's no "Looking for linkshell" area of the forums, only the area where the linkshells themselves post. I have just a few criteria, and the rest I can work Kaln to fit. I want a heavy RP guild. One that'll look at endgame content as well - I've got much experience at raidleading, and would love to get into it here as well, either as a member or leading. Umm.. Lets see.. Oh, yes. I like indepth application processes. Not just the typical "Meet up IC, interview, invite." I'm perfectly ok with the application process taking a few days. A few weeks.. You know, like it would if it were real. People meeting up, talking, the topic of a linkshell coming up naturally rather then rushing/forcing it. But, that's not really a requirement.


I s'pose that's it.. Not that I talked much about myself.


Ah well.

Oh, also. I'll be on Balmung.

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Well, introducing yourself in this way is the first step in removing yourself from "wallflower" status :D! If you contribute more in the forum discussions, put yourself out there a bit, I think you'll feel you'll feel more comfortable in participating on the fly, and this may carry over into your in-game rp dealings as well ;).


Welcome, hope to see you in game :thumbsup: !

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*would kidnap for our LS/FC if you were going to Gilgamesh... but since you're not...*


Well then, I'll just have to meet you on Balmung with my Duskwright. Which... yeah... isn't likely to be a chatterbox herself. ;) BUT... you didn't mention what race you're pondering, so I think that will be the first thing you need to decide, then integrate yourself into that community.


I know on Balmung, there is a very active DW group (see Eva's Duskwright discussion thread) that is planning on making a DW only LS that is... I think going to be both IC and OOC...


There is also a very active and vocal Miqo'te group forming- complete with family lines and connections (Clover and Khaze'to Zhwan are working on that. Mainly focused on Seekers, but with Keeper offshoots). I think they will have a global Miqo'te LS too.


Now... regarding the Lala, Roe and Hyur crew...

I can't say, as I've been focused on the two races I'll be playing- but I bet there are  great groups for those too.


Check out the Mentor thread and see if you can join up with a Mentor that might help you integrate. That's what I'm doing... since I'm kinda a 'standoffish' type too, thanks to me being shy/introverted IRL and that is reflected well IG *coughs*. I have the entire "don't want to bother you/interrupt/be rude and butt in" complex coupled with the "well if they want to include me, they will. I'll just stand here and... listen/watch... :blush:"

So, I totally understand and empathize with you and hope the suggestions help!


G'luck with your search- I haven't found a FC on Balmung yet either... haha

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Ah yes.. I didn't, did I? 


Kaln, currently, is planned to be an Elezen. He was a Duskwight in 1.0, a part of Loc Talon's LS, the Midnight Covenant. It was a.. More dark, gritty LS. Accepted all races, but only a Duskwight could move up beyond a certain point in the ranks. They were racist. Would kidnap people who 'inquired' about them, or showed interest in joining.. Induct them gang-style. Blood in, blood out, etc. 


But, yes. I'll have to look into this Elezen community.. I hadn't realized there would be an entire community for a race. Kinda assumed it'd be all melded and stuff with the rest.


Now, if only I weren't so picky with guild-esque things. Ah well.


Edit: IT isn't decided if he'll be a Wildwood, or a DW yet. I'm leaning towards WW cause I like the look of a tanned skin with reddish-brown hair. Duskwights look to much like Falmer, for me. xD

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Maybe it's YOU who needs to move to Balmung, instead of Gilgamesh. ^.~ 


I never understood the fear people have of playing on a Legacy server.. 90% of people with legacy characters are rerolling, starting from scratch, to play through all the new content again. 



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So, on another thought.. I saw a survey someone had posted up, here. The last post has the 'up to date' info, which.. Hm. Worries me a little, I suppose. 


See, it lists Balmung at a much lower population then what will be expected from Gilgamesh - Now, I understand that this isn't every person playing the game, and it includes reddit responses.. But, it has me wondering if the whole Legacy server is a bigger issue than it should be.


I don't want this to become a debate on how big of an issue Legacy servers are - Instead, I'm wondering if I'm making the right decision by binding myself to Balmung. I don't care if it's Legacy or not, as I don't have a LEgacy character to bring over (Stupid passwords and account recovery failures..)


I want to be where the most RPers are. I feel/felt like it would be Balmung.. But, if for some reason it's not, then that'll cause me to lose a character. I hate rerolling and running level-content I've already done, because it just seems to get repetitive. 


Now, I'm very well aware that I could just be overthinking things, and if I stopped thinking, things would be alright. But, still. A tired mind at midnight will do what a tired mind at midnight will do.


So, for those of you watching this, what are your opinions? Will the majority of RPers be on Balmung, or Gilgamesh? 


And, I might could go and look, but that's a lot of mining through forums. Someone else do it for me. xD

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Okay, kiddies, absolutely NO starting the Balmung v. Gilgamesh fights again!


The reddit poll I believe includes many non-RPers and the communities of reddit and 4chan (and blue gartr?) have decided to make their home on Glgamesh. It is a fact, inarguable, that the majority of THIS particular website, RPers all, are going to Balmung. Many wonderful RPers are going to Gilgamesh, too, though. I tend to doubt which server you go to will make a huge difference. You're bound to make good friends and have plenty of RP on both. Just browsing the forum and seeing all the activity from both servers should be a testament to that :).


As for linkshells, there is a little write up about them here, but for the most part it's up to you to scroll through the linkshell hall and find one you like. Most, if not all, should have the server they're on listed on the left information panel. Most also don't require you to only have one primary shell, so why not pick out a couple? That might also help you pick a server.


Oh, I beliiieve this hasn't been mentioned, but there's a Duskwight linkshell being started up on Balmung, sounds very much like the one you used to be in. They might have mentioned it in the Duskwight backstory and culture discussion here.


Hopefully some of that will be helpful to you :). ... Also welcome! Heheh~

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Maybe it's YOU who needs to move to Balmung, instead of Gilgamesh. ^.~ 


I never understood the fear people have of playing on a Legacy server.. 90% of people with legacy characters are rerolling, starting from scratch, to play through all the new content again. 




My Duskwright -will- be on Balmung!

/kidnaps the elezen and drags him down to her cave






(.... it's my Miqo that's on Gilgamesh....)


And is less the 'fear' of Legacy that put my LS on Gilgamesh, but more the 'most folks interested in joining us wanted to go to Gilgamesh'... So....

But either one will be great. :)

Lots of great RPers going to both servers. And that Multi-server thingy posted by Reddit seems to say that Balmung will be rockin' the RP on Legacy servers.....

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Yes yes. Thank you Xenedra.. That was all stuff I knew, but as I said - An exhausted mind will overthink what it wants. ^.~


I've since put out a couple of PMs to linkshells.. Ah.. Misericorde, and the Black Sun Alliance. I've been reading through the 'Duskwight Discussion' page, talking about all the known lore for them. I've heard mention of the Duskwight LS here and there, but nothing listing a name just yet. I'll scrounge around for that more. 




Also - If you're going to kidnap me to a cave, you better make it worth it. I don't get kidnapped for stupid stuff. Like ransoms.

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