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Aoelus'a - The ever Changed.

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Physical Appearance

Aoelus'a is a average sized, angry and cold looking Miqo'te. His skin is slightly darker but Caucasian and his eyes are two different colors. One is pure white and the other pure black. They often change depending on the situation and swirl with changing tones of brightness and darkness. Aoelus is not big, but not small and his lance and armor often take up most of his intimidation. Though he looks very much like he is trying to be intimidating...there is a part of him that seems to fight his appearance. An obvious wanting to be innocent, a obvious gentleness that wishes to be happy.


About Aoelus'a Serenviir

Aoelus is a continuation of a character from Tera, but started as a new character. A first son Moon Keeper Miqo'te who could care less about anyone. Head of Security for the brothel of his headmistress Yi'Vali's 'Ambrosia'...or as she called it. Aoelus'a was hard to understand, he was not there for whores, yet he protected them. He did not care if the patrons were horrible to the prostitutes, yet he cared the health and happiness of his coworkers. He hated being open about any attraction to anyone, whether it be physical, emotional, obligational or whatever. He remained his angry, isolated self. He hoped no one would change him and he, nor anyone would care. He wasn't unchangeable and neither was the 'first or third'.


OOC Author's Note

Aoelus is peculiar...he has many secrets about him. His speech is different and it is hard to understand who the person is talking to. An obvious distinction between himself is his eye color. Both being white indicates a timid man with a softer tone of voice who cares about everyone and only wants his friends and loved ones to be happy. White and Black eye-color refers to himself as "Grey" and cares about nothing, barely even himself but only wishes for efficiency and oddly-enough... fun. His voice is darker then white's and tends to speak weirdly, knowing it messes with other people. Both Black eyed color is a psychopath. He wishes for nothing but to see everything look like it is on fire...by actually being on fire. 


Though that is rare, there is so much to be controlled, to be tamed and cared for Aoelus'a is easily molded, he is emotionally torn and currently unsure of anything. He is fragile and anything can happen..


"We are all the same person, but we are nothing like eachother."  -Indifferent Aoelus'a.


How they developed, who was first, why Aoelus came to be...


All would have to be explained ICly. So come RP with me! <3

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