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So you're interested in the Grim Echo...


If you've heard of us, it probably involved something dangerous, forbidden, or stomach turning. And on some level, that's just what we're about. We're a bunch of very different people coming together to advance common goals, the most overreaching of which is laying the Empire low.


What we all have in common is a focus that polite society deems, shall we say, overkill. Find yourself left behind because your methods are a little too extreme? You might fit in with us. We're home to evil witches, mad scientists, murderers, thieves, rogues and rakes, the fanatically obsessed, the generally antisocial, and of course the kind of psychopaths that seem absolutely charming on the surface. Just don't turn your back on them.


But because we understand this about each other, we can encourage and support each others' eccentricities and accomplish surprising things, great things.


Also, these people, our kind of people, Grim kind of people generally have a taste for power of some kind, often the kind the general populace don't approve of, e.g. forbidden knowledge, dark magic, direct command over the minds and souls of others, or simple supremacy in any and every form. In our quest for this kind of power, Grim don't let anything stand in our way - not heroic idealism, not social acceptability, not hordes of hideous monsters. We like to go out there and get what we want, no matter what it takes. Stop at nothing, that's us.


Our glorious leader likes to call it "Victory by any means." So if you're the kind of person who believes your goal, whatever it might be, justifies whatever you need to do to get it, even (especially?) if your family and polite society would disown you for your methods, then you might be right up our alley.


What we're looking for...


We're looking to fill out our roster with those interested in taking on greater and greater challenges. Of course, the healers and the vanguards, or whatever you want to call the people who let themselves get hit while everyone else is busy hitting, those types are valuable.


How to join us...


Easy. Just drop off a letter introducing yourself. Someone will track you down and get in contact with you.


((This way, folks: https://thegrim.org/ffxiv))


Looking for more information...


We've got some files available for public viewing. Feel free to read as much as you want. You can also leave a message for Sindl Arahn, our glorious leader, with any questions you have, any way that works for you. Always happy to help.


((Public forums: https://thegrim.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=71 Sending a PM here, at the Grim forums, posting on this listing, or sending tell in-game should all work fine for contact methods.))

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Just giving this a quick note:


Yes we are still active. We have a small core of players and characters who are online most nights.


Currently we have completed two story plots alongside our allies, the Night Blades. The most recent one involved sending a voidsent back to where she belongs in a large 12 person battle. We are beginning a large plot downtime until we start up the next in a few weeks. So lots of small gatherings and relaxing type RP will be occurring.


Several of our members, including our charismatic leader, are visible competing or overseeing at the Grindstone every Saturday and sometimes on Wednesday.


We also have several members fighting in the Binding Coil of Bahamet via our alliance with the Night Blades. Twintania is being progressed through. And every Wednesday we gather as a group to smash whatever content we feel the need to do. This includes HM Primal's, Moogle Mog and sometimes hitting up Crystal Tower as a group. EX Primal's (Garuda) and Ultima have also been done, usually in conjunction with members from the Night Blades.


In plans are IC dungeon runs among our membership (something we do periodically anyway) and a pen and paper style(using 4th ed rules) game because it's fun to do stuff outside the boundaries of what the game gives us. The previously mentioned voidsent smashing was done via Roll20 as a pen and paper style game and was a huge success with the members who attended.


We hold IC meetings every week in the Bismark. You can find us there Monday nights at 9EST. Once a month we meet at the Sanctum, same time as the Bismark meetings. These occur on the last Monday of the month. Sometimes the Night Blades show up as well.


If you're interested feel free to contact one of our members. They can point you in the right direction, or come by our Monday meetings. They are in full view of everyone at the Bismark.

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After several weeks in a house in Limsa we have upgraded! You can find our company quarters complete with fresh paint and new fixtures in The Goblet: Ward 3, Lot 12.


Stop by and say hello. Our door is open. Beware the odd bit of rearranging and redecorating still happening.

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