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Peer Pressure Sucks. (Gullio's Art thread)

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Curse you folks. THIS IS YOUR FAULT. So yeah. It's a new art thread. Who guessed, right? Warning, these have some serious Uncanny Valley issues, so... yeah. (Edit: Alothia fixed your images!)














These drawings are, in order, Kassandra Dawn, Lorric Wright, Brom, and Alothia.


Thanks for letting me draw your characters people.

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Yes! Keep it up! The more you practice, the better you'll get! I should take that advice too though...


^ My life. My entire mom's side of the family are all artists, some established some do it for fun.. So it is in my blood. I'm a perfectionist though so I never like anything that I draw xD


But yes, anyone who has that talent to draw or paint certainly should be!.. Myself included :x

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practice!!! seriously, do it. once I finish my Abai watercolor i'll post a side by side of what my painting and drawing looked like a few years back and now. Sometimes i don't feel creative so i won't draw/color/paint, but its something I always enjoy. And even if i spot flaws, i can then work on improving them.

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