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Welcome to the Raven's Eye (Re-introduction of guild Story)

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You come out of the forest into a grassy clearing where the grass grew high around what was a seemingly vacant building.  It appeared as if nature had slowly began to reclaim it from those who once occupied it; from the vines which grew all along the building, to the cobwebs in the windows and doorways, but there was something strange that just didn't sit right with you... 





There were no sounds of insects, no whistling wind or even the howling of animals, the only thing you heard were the caws of ravens which seemed to continually circle the vacant inn, as if waiting for something to return... 


As you approach the door you reach out to open it, but before you do it opens on it's own and revealed a dusty foyer that obviously once had been far grander. Your heart began to beat as you felt something had been watching you from the shadows of the darkened room, but upon turning to look you saw nothing but shadows... Perhaps the shadows played tricks on you? You see there are two hallways, one on each side of what obviously was some kind of inn welcome table, complete with ledger. One hallway seems far darker than the other even though there is no light in either hall. 


Deciding to avoid thatparticular hallway you walk down the hall on the right, and come into what was once a bar, but is now in disrepair. As you step into the room the floor creaks beneath you, and you gasp as you see a lone figure sitting at table in the far corner. Your eyes squint as you try to make out what it is, but all you can see is the outline of a cloak.  Then it hits you...




The figure holds it head up and the feline eyes shine back what little light there was in the room. You gasp as you stumbled backwards completely unprepared for this. Not wasting any time you turn and run, as fast as you can.



There is the door, salvation is right within reach!  



You grab the handle and push the door open to see the full moon now shining overhead and the ravens still circling.  But something's wrong... Your body is overcome with dread and fear and you freeze in place. 


"Welcome to the Raven's Eye friend. I oweyou a debt of gratitude for awakening me after five years, so allow me to repay you in kind..." 


Your screams are allthat are left of you as the door closes sharply...


Three months later..


A bustling inn and tavern, the Raven's Eye, isfilled with adventurers, soldiers, mercenaries and sages tonight, all enjoying their time relaxing and drinking, sharing stories and getting work from the bulletin.  Sitting at a table in the back are two women, one in the leathers of a archer, the other in a black cloak.


"Well Kai, everything seems to be back up andrunning... what are your plans now dear?"


Kailisto smirked and drummed her fingers on the table, then turned her gaze to the woman. "Oh my dear Inoxia, I have many plans, The Raven's Eye seems to still hold onto its secrets, the lands themselves have been twisted, changed drastically.. so there is much to do... But for now, let us enjoy our return to this world hmm?"





Inoxia nodded and would look out across the tavern to the fresh new faces and then to Kailisto as slowly, a thin grin begins to spread along her face.





Welcome to the Raven's Eye Inn...

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