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Hey all!


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How're you guys? I just got a warning that I'll be invading the final beta test period! I'm so so stoked.


Anyways, I think I will be a Miqo'te, but other than that, I have no idea. No idea where people hang out/what server, where the RP hotspots are, etc. No idea what my character's story is. I barely know anything about the setting, well I at least know what happened up until the calamity destroyed the planet and everyone was sent forward in time to ARR. I have little understanding of what a linkshell is, is it like a guild/clan?


I do know that I will be using the PS3 as my console of choice.



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Welcome :D!


Many of the questions you have can be readily answered by perusing the various forums and wiki at this site, as there are many conversations taking place covering your curiosities...and more :thumbsup:


Quick one, though. A "Linkshell" is sort of like a chatroom, a thing to communicate between its members, but not much structure beyond that. A "Free Company" is what you might consider a guild, with some organizational advantages bestowed upon its membership. You can check out the Linkshell Hall portion of the forums to check out whats available.


Good luck, hope you enjoy yourself as much as we all did when the next beta session rolls around :) !

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Basically, the people from 1.0 who were at the Battle of Cartenau were sent forward in time five years. Those who survived the Calamity elsewhere were left behind to pick up the pieces and rebuild Eorzea. The events of the Calamity seem confined to that region, so the planet didn't get blown up, don't worry. xD


A linkpearl is an actual item in XIV that is used to communicate over long distances. It is a small thing that you basically could put on an earring. You can hear others and speak to them via it. A linkshell is the group of people who are connected by linkpearls. A Free Company, which is new in ARR, is the equivalent of what most people call a guild. Not to be confused with a Grand Company (the Maelstrom, the Twin Adders, or the Immortal Flames), or the many guilds in the cities (Carpenters' Guild, Adventurers' Guild, etc).


You'll find a wealth of information in these threads as well as the wiki (see link above!), but feel free to ask any questions!

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