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Greentings and salutations (warning, a bit long!)


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[align=center]--Dreams of a Void-lost.--




[align=center]Rolling thunders rumbles across a dark clear sky. It is emptiness, it is void, endless and repressing - yet freeing as well.


[align=center]Beneath me, shifts in blue-white sand, each grain a tiny, glistening crystal yet as a whole as fluid as water. Each piece is reflecting some unseen light in the void above - or glowing in its own light, I cannot tell. It is flowing field of thoughts and memories. Some warm, soft and welcoming, others heavy, cutting. Each try in their own way to cling to my form. I have long ago been glossed over, and I have forgotten what I have originally looked like, long lost track of my own identity.


[align=center]It is hard to determine if I am a traveler along it's vastness, or merely being carried in its unseen, yet constantly present current. In moments like these I ponder if I am even a part of the current itself. Memory is both eternal and fleeting here.[/align]


Perhaps it has eternally been this way. A witness in the crystalline seas of time- constantly shifting and redefining - being shifted and being redefined.


Another wave comes, another tale of memories that will change me, and that I myself will change. To what end?  - I have long since stopped pondering such things.


The flow of time continues on, and I am content merely to be.[/align]





Hello everyone, my name is John - Also known as Hyrist, also known as Kalar Meadia or Tale Feather in various roleplay and gaming groups. (Hyrist is the one I'm primarily known for in the FF Community, however.) I'm a long time avid Role-player and fan of the Final Fantasy series. However, I am brand new to the community as well as the MMO side of the RPG communities. I have an established character on Excalibur that I have used during 1.0, but not for role-playing purposes. However I've always considered the prospect of combining my hobbies of roleplaying and gaming and A Ream Reborn has become the strongest temptation I have ever done so - a temptation that actually tugged at me back in the 1.xx days but, due to long time friends playing on a Non-RP server, I have suppressed.


Thanks to the perks of a Legacy Account, and having gotten a preview of how lovely the community here is thanks to Nel's "I Remember" series, I can no longer resist the temptation to join in! Although, I do admit to being a bit nervous (ok, I'm downright shaking in my boots ^^; ). However I'm also very excited about getting my feet wet in the community and hopefully get the courage to dive right in.


MMORPG background:


FFXI was where I got my start in MMORPGs, and it has thus far been my longest lasting subscription, though a bit rocky. I have since played Aion, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, a bit of Ragnarok Online and of course the FFXIV version 1.xx. Having played Final Fantasies since childhood I seem to find the most home in its environments, however, and am more then happy to soon be calling Eorzea my home once again.


RP experience:


That all said, my roleplaying experience dwarfs my MMO experience, having gotten into roleplaying at age 13 (Read, I turn Thirty September 1st 2013). I have a long history of plots, subplots and reference materiel that runs down the line of plots I made years and years ago, and it follows with me to this day.


I began my stint in various small roleplay chat groups before finding the Yahoo Chat roleplay pages, which entertained me for a few years before I started realizing my posts were getting fairly lengthy (in both actual type made and time consumed.) So I migrated from Yahoo Chat to Yahoo groups, which eventually shifted over to MSN groups before I was introduce to Gaia Online about Ten years ago (Back when it was called Go-Gaia), which has been my primary source for Role-playing since.


However, between working two jobs, and starting to grow a distaste for some of the trends taking hold among the prominent role-players in Gaia, I've let Roleplaying fall off of late.


Character ideas/info:


Oh if I let myself I would go on and on about this. To be honest I'm rather open-ended as to my ideas going forward with roleplaying. Though I've a lot of experience under my belt, I'm not looking for anything earth-shattering. I enjoy a good personal roleplay. Be it friendship, romance, intrigue, politics, and exploring the concepts of faith, deception, and human(oid) flaws and frailties.


On Excalibur, my primary character there Lin Celestine (I swear, just a coincidence, Nel! ^^; ) has always been a bit random. She has struggled to balance her girlish nature with an inner seriousness and ferociousness that comes with her Dragoon Training and heritage. Even if not a part of roleplaying servers I like to explore the story on how she matures and is effected by her survival of the Calamity and her movement into the future.


On Balmung, I intend on creating a new character taking a different approach. The character's name will be Eric Verus, and will be a bit of an experiment. Eric is an earnest man and an intelectual who struggles to make himself more than he currently is. While talented in the ways of magic, he begrudges his frail body's limitations and endeavors to make his mark upon the world in spite of his history of illness. He estranges his family of accomplished warriors of a far off land to join the adventurer's Guild in Limsa and study the ways of an Arcanist.


How did you learn about the coalition?


I've been aware of the RPC since Beta of 1.xx, but shyed away from it as I already had ongoing roleplays in other locations and wanted to not overfill my plate, so to speak. Additionally, launch time for FFXIV was a rather difficult time for me in my life so I was not on the game very much at the time.


It's been actually thanks to Nel Celestine's video series "I Remember" that my interests have been piqued once again and am feeling that urge to loose myself in a lush world of fantasy - and what a beautiful world Eaorzea has been turning out to be having bee here for the entirety of Beta. I'm excited to see how I can take my experiences in roleplaying and expand my immersion into it.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


I quite honestly have no clue. Aside from the fact that my friends and guild still exist on Excalibur, there is also the fact that I've never really roleplayed in an MMO before. I don't know how it's done, I don't know what's expected of me once inside. It's all very new and, quite honestly, intimidating to me. Depending on how it goes it might just pull Lin out of Excalibur, though I loath to leave my friends there (a few of which I've known for seven years or so.) At this point I am just playing it by ear.



Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


I am an open book, so I'm sure my entire life's history will come to light in time. That said, I don't feel in a rush to simply spill it all over in my introductory post. I work two jobs, and am still struggling going on three years after a seven year relationship that broke me both emotionally and financially. Roleplaying has always sort of been my solace in life when things get down. I'm sure I'll share more of it as I get to know everyone. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all as well!


Thanks for reading and here's to the start of a bright and long future with the RPC!

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Welcome to the community, Hyrist. I quite enjoyed your written exploration of the intro imagery above, and it's an accurate summation of what roleplaying is. (I wonder how any given character would feel if they knew about roleplay and the games it takes place in.)


Eric sounds like a character my own might get along with quite well. I hope to see you around Balmung, and I'll do my best along with the rest of the community to welcome you here. I'm relatively new myself, but would be glad to help with anything you might need.

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Hey and welcome to the community! Both your history & experience will serve you well. Don't stress about mmo RPing. It's very easy.... Just let your character take the reins & have fun with it. 

I look forward to meeting Eric on balmung & RPing with you!

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Thank you all for your warm welcomes!


I'm reading over some of the guides and FAQ's to try to get my fooding, but am not exactly sure how I approach a link-shell to start with (though I think first and foremost getting a pearl to Intermission may be a good starting block once the beta opens up once more.)


All and all still trying to get my bearings. Wondering if I should hop into the Town Swear and start a thread of the boat Eric is coming in on. (A boat coming in from 'far off shores' as there's not much explanation as to where all the adventurers are coming from.) Might be a good way to start things out and flush out some initial quirks of the character.


Beyond that, I'll be figuring out where to go and who to sign up with, if they'll take me.


Looking forward to having a lot of fun and heart-felt moments.

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