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Guardians of Eternity (Inactive)


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Free Company Disbanded,

Linkshell Only.


Invite by Personal Recommendation.





Since suspending our Charter and disbanding the Free Company, the community has dissolved into a loosely knit chat channel (Linkshell).


However, the approximately 65 Linkshell members are from a wide array of different Linkshells, Companies, and Communities with interests in PvE, RP, PvP, and Exploration. Members are talkative, and are always running some form of impromptu dungeon.


Our website is currently closed due to lack of funding, but may re open in the future.


If you are at all interested in joining, you may send me (Nirro) a message on this website or contact the leader Solar Flare directly in game for an invite. There is no extensive application process.[/align]

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[align=center]August 23[/align]



The following changes have been made:

~>The Roleplaying Background has been polished from it's original description. The story is the same, just a new 'wrapper' so to speak.

~>The Names of the Officers in the "Organization" Tab has been updated to reflect the actual in-game names.

~>Applicants interested in RP may expedite the process by participating in an In-Character interview with Reslon Icewind, Nirro Linaius or Schala Zalan. However, an application to the website must still be filed.

~>It is no longer required for all members to join the Free Company. It is only required if you seek to participate in End-Game content with the Guardians.


[align=center]We are also, still...

Open for Recruitment


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[align=center]September 7



After a recent Vote by Free Company & Linkshell Members, the following changes have been made:

~> As the Linkshell's original purpose was to organize the membership until a Free Company could be established. The Purpose has been fulfilled, so we have been forced to reorganize the Linkshell.

~> The Linkshell is now set to Open Recruitment, same with the Free Company & Linkshell Roleplaying Channel. Anyone interested must contact Alruna Excieo or one of the other online officers for an invitation.

~> The Linkshell's purpose is now to give a trial period, or allow access to some Free Company events, for non-Free Company members. A means of communication across our Community.

~> The Linkshell never has closed recruitment, and allows potential members the ability of joining the community regardless of Recruitment Status. It also grants them the ability to more easily transition to the Free Company.

~> The Free Company requires an Application.

~> Joining the Website is available to all members, although it is not required unless joining the Free Company. As the Free Company is the full guild.


Some concern may be raised by Open Recruitment; It should be explained that the Linkshell's recruitment is very much open. Except, Linkshell members are monitored at all times. Should any rules be broken, judiciary action will proceed immediately. Additionally, all potential invitees to the Linkshell must be screened by the Inviting officer/lieutenant. Judging by their personality, they may be accepted into the linkshell.


A special note; We have Support available to all registered Enjin users for a number of different reasons. Questions concerning Applications, Policy, Technical Website Issues, Player Harassment, and any other appropriate form of question.



[align=center]The Free Company is also, still...

Open for Recruitment


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