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Hello. I am Revya. I have many names, but here I am Revya. I am 21 years old and new to FFXIV. For me, FFXI was the defining game of my early adolescence and I'd been looking forward to XIV ever since. In between the two I played countless f2p mmo's [DDO, FEZ, Neverwinter, Spiral Knights, Runescape...] and I also played WoW on and off for a couple years.

Although I've yet to find success, I have been working hard on jump starting a writing career. That's not really why I'm here, but roleplay has always served me as a great creative outlet. I have been roleplaying for years whether it be pen and paper or live action. I live in my fantasies, more or less. Haha.

While I was playing the closed ßeta with a friend of mine, he gave me a great idea: "Write an adventure log chronicling all of your character's trials and tribulations on his/her journey." Naturally, since I had already planned on roleplaying a lot after release, I loved the idea and got to work on a plan. Right now, I'm seeking out a good, dedicated group of roleplayers who might not mind if I include their character in my writings resting assured that I won't be making any money off of what I write. This is all to "sharpen my claws" so to speak and for fun, of course!

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Welcome Revya!


Ooohhhh...a writer :D! Can't wait to read what you post. I've done a little bit of it with my meager skills here, and the only thing I can say is just dive right in and post something. The worst that can happen is it gets posted on a busy forum cycle and gets swept away for a while, but the community is usually pretty good at looking at all of the daily posts, and not just the "featured few" one gets listed on the side there :P Many people share their creative works on these forums...its a pretty accepting place :D


Good luck, hope to see something from you in the near future :thumbsup:

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