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Favor for a Friend [Story]

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(( OOC warning: It may get a bit graphic? ))


“Where is she!” The Roegadyn screamed as he let loose another first. The large fist connected with the small frame, letting loose a sickening crunch as bones snapped, sending the small boy flying backwards a good ways “I Don’t.. I don’t” the boy sobbed, pausing only to wretch on the alley floor “I don’t know!” The boy finished, tears making small channels through the dirt that was caked onto his face. The Roegadyn frowned deeply, rolling his shoulders and lacing his fingers together to crack his knuckles “Then I guess I’ll just have to beat you until you do know”






“Mirion!” The girl screamed as she rounded the corner, nearly plowing face first into a merchant’s stand. “Watch out!” The large man behind the stand yelled as the little hyur girl, no more than eight, raced through the marketplace. The girl finally came skidding to a stop next to a tall man who was looking over a crop of rolanberries.



The highlander wore simple canvas leggings and white linen shirt, his shaggy black hair fell to his chin on either side of jaw, rubbing against the thick stubble that had grown to cover most of his lower face and part of his neck. Ice blue eyes turned to the little girl as he cocked his head to one side, resting his left hand on the hilt of the blade that hung at his side “What is it runt?” He said with an arched eyebrow.



“It’s the man! He’s got Merrin in an alley, he’s gonna kill him!” The little girl spoke quickly and in labored breath, but didn't give the elder man time to react before she darted back off the way she came. The highlander wasted no time, tossing the bowl of rolanberries he was examining back onto the cart and dashing off after the small girl.






Mirion rounded the corner and drew up short, he could see the Roegadyn in the back of the alley, pummeling the boy, but the more pressing concern were the two Hyur that were in front of him “Keep moving” the one of the left said with a grumble, his arms folded across his chest. Mirion took a step forward, stumbling and swaying slightly “Oy... ye chums know where a bloke can.. relieve ‘imself?” The highlander asked with slurred words, stumbling another step forward, bringing him close to the midlander on the left “I said shove off!” The midlander said with a growl, reaching out and grabbing Mirion by the shirt.



Mir didn’t waste a second, and no sooner were his opponent’s hands on his shirt than he reached out quickly. One hand grabbed a large handful of the other man’s hair, while the other slammed into his throat and grabbed, snatching his Adams apple. A quick twist of both his both and arms, with his thumb digging behind the poor midlander’s Adams apple, and his opponent was dropping to the ground, bloody and quickly losing life.



“What the!” the second midlander started to shout, but Mirion was already moving. The first step brought his sword out of its scabbard, the second step saw the blade raised and rotated, and the third step found both Mirion’s hands clasping the hilt of the blade, and driving it deep into the chest of the second midlander. The last of the two Hyur blocking his way fell with a gurgle, bones snapping as Mirion twisted the blade and jerked it out. “Good Show” The Roegadyn said with a huff, having made it halfway across the alley by now “Unfortunately, now you’re going to die”



The Roegadyn struck first, a wide arched blow with the curved blade he was wielding. Mirion barely had time to react, but he managed nonetheless. The highlander ducked under the blow and surged forward, past the Roegadyn with a swipe of his blade that left a large gash in the Roeg’s leg.



“Damn you!” The Roegadyn screamed as he spun around wildly, blade whistling as it lanced through the air again. This time Mir barely managed to react, parrying the blade up and over his own body, but not without first losing his balance. The highlander stumbled and fell to the ground, and without a moment’s notice the Roegadyn was ontop of him.



The first blow landed squarely with his jaw, and judging by the lancing pain Mir could tell it was definitely fractured. The next blow connected with his already cracked ribs, and by the sickening snap he figured that they were broken all the way now. Next the Roegadyn clasped his hands together and raised them high above his head, which was the last mistake he would ever make.



Mirion’s boot knife was small, but it did the trick as he jammed it into the Roegadyn’s ribs, causing the much larger man to lose his stability, which Mirion used to his advantage. Before he knew what was happening, the Roegadyn was on the ground and Mirion was above him with his sword once again in hand.



The Roegadyn tried to stand, but found it quite difficult as Mirion gave a deft swing of the blade, severing the right foot from his leg. “WHAT THE FUCK” The Roegadyn screamed as he reeled back in pain, only to find the Highlander grabbing his left hand. “Shouldn't hurt kids” Mirion said simply as he put his blade to the index finger on the hand, jerking and slicing as the finger bearing a signet ring came off cleanly.



The Roegadyn screamed again, his chest heaving wildly as blood pooled from the severed finger and foot “What.. what is this..” the man demanded “R..Revenge?! For some street rats?!” Mirion only shook his head, holding up the finger “This.. This is Justice” He said simply before turning and starting to walk away.



The Highlander picked up the broken body of the small child, stepping past the still screaming Roegadyn before pausing and glancing over. All around him children were starting to show up, some of them coming around the corner, some just sort of appearing outside of shadows, and all of them wielding knives or other such instruments “This.. Is revenge” The man said quietly before turning and walking out of the alley while somewhere behind him the Roegadyn started screaming again.

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