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The Hungry Wolf


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The Hungry Wolf is a mercenary Free Company that primarily serves the region around Gridania.  Experts in forest warfare, they excel in operations requiring small teams in wooded terrain.  From simple delivery or escort duties, to extraction, recovery, and full on assault missions the Hungry Wolf operates quickly, with an effective combination of speed, stealth, and power inspired by the wolves they seek to emulate.


With its home on the Balmung server, the Hungry Wolf is both a Free Company and a Linkshell (open to non FC members who wish to RP with the group).  Founded by the eponymous Hungry Wolf, a pre-Calamity veteran of a similar forest-based mercenary company, who sought to stem the tide of banditry and violence that followed the Calamity in Gridania and the Black Shroud.  Originally created as a vigilante group that operated outside of society, the Hungry Wolf has settled itself in Gridania and earned the grudging respect of the Twin Adders, often serving as an auxiliary peace-keeping and occasional Shroud-based strike force among other business interests.


Led by Shizu Ayana and Hikaru Takeba, the Hungry Wolf strives to protect the Shroud as well as to become the foremost woodland mercenary force in Eorzea.  Operating in units called Packs, Hungry Wolf operations are designed to take advantage of their special training and experience in the woodland terrain of the Shroud.  Like the predator from which they take their name, units move quickly and quietly: striking suddenly with sufficient force to overwhelm their opponent before disappearing back into the forest.  This places stress not only on combat ability but also on physical fitness and readiness, and on the ability to strike together with coordinated effort over long distances which demands effective communication, and a unifying team ethic centered on the Wolfpack.










The Hungry Wolf is an RP Free Company and Linkshell. The Hungry Wolf is run conjointly by Shizu Ayana and Hikaru Takeba both In and Out of character. Just under the Alphas in rank are the Pack Leaders Jack Swift and Phayte Lior. Directly below the Pack Leaders are the Betas Kagerou Imaizumi and Aya Foxheart. 


With the Free Company being small still, we are actively recruiting. Events for RP are constantly being planned, and we often get together for simple RP for no reason as well. Events will cover all sorts of activities, and we promise a lot of fun will be had.


The Wolves will have three chats in-game. The Grand Company chat will be entirely In Character – with no exceptions. For any and all Out Of Character chat, we will have a separate Linkshell. There will also be a third Linkshell for officers. This will keep all the Roleplay apart from the OOC chatting, and make the conversations easier to follow without being broken up with chatter inbetween.


We also utilize a non-required vent server. All Wolf members are allowed - and encouraged! - to join those of us that hang out on vent.


All in all, we’re looking for a mature crowd who enjoy hanging around one another and being like a second family. If you’re interested, please, be sure to check us out.





Rules, Regs, and Values


Hello, and welcome to the Hungry Wolves. Becoming a member of the Free Company is simple, however we are looking for a very specific type of gamer. Some may question these ideas and motives, however we assure each and every applicant and member that there are methods to this madness. It's out of the utmost dedication and respect that I wish to create an environment that caters to all sorts of adventurers. As such, it is my hope that those who are interested in the Free Company will adhere to some simple ground rules.


Your expectations are as follows.


1. Activity - Being active in the FC doesn't necessarily mean logging in every single day and playing. It simply means you are up to date with anything going on with the group. Checking in on this website at least once or twice a week should assist in this endeavor. All events, be it raids, dungeons, RP meetings, PVP gatherings, and the like will be posted on the schedule. The moderators and officers work diligently on the maintenance of this website to keep information updated.


2. No Lone Wolves - You've joined a Free Company who's basis and foundation relies on the idea of a "pack". As one family, it is expected of everyone to treat each other with a sense of respect and honor, especially your officers. Of course, we understand that there will be times when there is friction between members, and we can assure everyone that these quarrels will be dealt with in private. As no one is alone, if one calls for help in Company, please do your best to respond if possible, even if it's to politely let down.


3. Mind yourself - You will conduct yourself appropriately in game and on this website. The age bracket for Final Fantasy extends to just about anyone. The officers ask that you refrain from cursing or inflammatory comments on the website as well as in game. This goes hand in hand with treating each other with respect. If you're unable to control your words and such, the Wolves may not be the community for you. ( As this guild does utilize a Ventrilo server, please respect the same guidelines unless in an appropriate channel )



Being a Wolf means that :


1. You will be respectful of other people ( Wolf or not ) at all times, because you hold our name to the highest standards of performance and behavior. You understand that any form of harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstance. You will be mindful of others and recognize that not every individual has your understanding of the game. Constructive criticism is valued much more than blatant bashing.


2. You will not take any game too seriously. It's true that we all have various goals and dreams in playing the games that we play. However, being a serious gamer, and overdoing things are two very different things. When you become frustrated at any task, it's time to take a break and let things work themselves out.


3. Focus more on helping others, less on yourself. This is a direct, word for word, Core value borrowed from my source (with a few revisions). If the majority of your in-game guild chat is asking for things, rather than offering help and services back to the pack, then the Wolves may not be the right den for you.




While some names have yet to be completely decided upon, this is a list of our Officer Core, and their duties.


Hikaru Takeba: The Alpha Male of the pack. He is in charge of various on-goings in the company, and is a resolute shield-bearer.


Shizu Ayana: The Alpha Female of the pack. She is in charge of all the book-keeping the company requires, as well as many other various tasks. She is a more than competent strategist and scholar. 


Jack Swift: One of the two current Pack Leader. Jack is a lazy mercenary, but is quick to get the job done when the time comes.


Phayte Lior: The second of two current Pack Leaders. She is a reliable fighter, and a great friend besides. When a job needs doing, Phayte is always happy to help.


Kagerou Imaizumi: One of the two current Betas. Kage is a great fighter, and reliable when things need to be punched. 


Aya Foxheart: The second of the two current Betas. Aya, alongside Shizu, is responsible for much of the RP.




Our Free Company will have a Linkshell that is also used for communication. That is, The Free Company Chat is In-Character ONLY. Any Out-Of-Character chatting will be done in the accompanying Linkshell so as to not have Roleplay interrupted with Looking for groups messages, and the like - unless of course, you want to RP the questing!




Until our number expand some, we will have completely open recruiting. However, we DO ask that you are 18 or older, or we will give you an interview to be sure we are okay with you joining.


We have a running Ventrilo server, which you will have access to after you join.


While it may be daunting at first as the officers at this point are all good friends, don't feel that it will be hard to break into the group. We are a fun group to hang around, and are happy to accept any new additions that are interested in joining our (keeping the wolf motif) pack.


Also! We are currently recruiting people that are looking to be RP-based officers. That is, willing to help brainstorm RP activities and plots. If you're interested, please let one of us know. You would be brought into the Hungry Wolf with the intention of quick promotion to Beta.


If you have any questions at all about what we do, how we do it, or anything else really, contact any of the officers on our website which is hungrywolfacademy.enjin.com -or- contact Shizu Ayana on the Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition site (ffxiv-roleplayers.com)

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Okay! So, we've rebooted ourselves in some ways, and in some other ways, the reboot is still ongoing. In any case, we're very actively recruiting! Anyone is welcome! In fact, we may even be catering to newer RPers at this point, in that we're happy to teach newcomers!


In any case, for those of you who are -not- new to RP, we're also actively recruiting for officers. If you are interested in helping come up with and run events and plots, we have a spot or three for you! Please, check us out!

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