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The Wolf [Story; OOC Welcome]

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((This thread is dedicated to the dreams/nightmares/visions/echoes of Montague Morne, telling the life story of a Garlean soldier. They will be presented chronologically, not necessarily in the order Monty experienced them. As always, comments and criticisms are welcome.))


The Wolves (Act I & II)



She giggled softly as she led him deeper into the wood, away from all that might overhear. He smiled at her excitement, letting her drag him by the hand to wherever it was they were going. Some time later they came to a stop in a small clearing, and she spun around to wrap her arms around his waist.


"What's so important that we had to come all this way?" He asked lightly, putting his arms around her shoulders.


Her smile turned impish. "I couldn't risk anyone finding out."


"Finding out what?"


She just smiled harder, making him roll his eyes with an exasperated sigh. She giggled again, stood on her toes to peck his lips and whispered "I'm with child."


Several emotions played across his face in rapid succession: confusion, shock, astonishment and finally unbridled joy. His hands fell to her hips and he hoisted her into the air, spinning her around as he let a whoop.


"Hush," she admonished between laughs, "my family will hear you!"


He shook his head, grinning from ear to ear. "Hang your family, I'm going to be a father!"


He brought her back down into an embrace, and for some time they just held each other, reveling in their happiness.


"Come away with me," he whispered into her hair.


"Back to Ala Mhigo? But, my family-"


He shook his head. "No, not Ala Mhigo. I won't have my children raised there."


She frowned and took a half-step back, remaining in his arms but enough to look up at him in confusion. "Then where?"


"Home," he answered with a smile. "Garlemald."


"Garlemald...? What are you talking about?"


He looked away, something approaching shame in his eyes. "I'm afraid that I've misled you..."


Her eyes grew wide as she took another step, breaking his embrace. "You're an Imperial?"


"Please, let me explain-"


"I've heard such horrible things..." She took another step back. "W-why are you here?"


He reached out to her, trying to be comforting, but she just took another step. "I'm sure what you've heard is untrue. The Empire means well, love. Truly."


"Why are you here?" She asked again.


He frowned. "I'm just here to gather information, nothing-"


"What for?"


"Never you mind that, now-"


"Is that... Is that why you're with me? Are you using me?"


"No!" He cried, stepping toward her. "No. At first I may have sought answers from you, but I swear-"


"What is your name?"


"Look, that's not-"


"Answer me!"


The tears streaming down her cheeks, the betrayal in her eyes, they broke his heart. "Marius..." he sighed. "My name is Marius."


She choked out a sob. "Do I even know you?"


"Penny, please, just calm yourself. We can discuss this-"


"No," she shook her head sharply. "I have nothing to discuss with a stranger."


She turned to leave, and he drew a deep, shaky breath. "Is that the end of us, then?"


"There never was an 'us,' Marius. You cannot end what never began."


"What of the child?"


"I will tell them their father is dead. I will offer you that courtesy, for the man you might have been," her voice was cold as she walked away.


His shoulders slumped, his knees felt weak. "Will you tell anyone of me?"


She stopped, half-turned to stare at him over her shoulder. "Will you kill me for knowing?"




"... If I ever see you again I will shout the truth of you at the top of my lungs. Leave this land, go back to your 'home,'" she spat the word like poison "and you will never have to fear."


With that she left the clearing, and a broken man, behind.




"Laurie!" She called out into the trees, hand on her hip. "Son, come here!"


For a moment she heard nothing but the wind rustling through the leaves, but just as she was about to shout again the soft, steady thump of a child's footfalls echoed back to her. A small boy, no older than five, burst into the clearing, dirt staining his fingers and the odd leaf sticking out of his dark hair.


"Hello, mother!" He smiled brightly, hoping against hope that-


"Don't you 'hello, mother' me young man," Penny admonished, a stern frown on her face. "What have I told you about running off alone?"


The child looked down and scuffed his feet into the grass. "Not to?"


She sighed at his pitiful look, a grin stubbornly tugging at the corners of her mouth. Giving in she knelt down, holding her arms out expectantly to the boy. He looked at her inviting pose, sniffled a bit, and ran into her waiting embrace.


"M'sorry," he mumbled into her shoulder, but she just shushed him and held him tighter.


"Just try not to do it again."


He nodded and stepped back, blushing a bit at appearing so weak in front of his mother. He was too old to get all weepy every time he was scolded.


"What did you... What'd you want me for?" He asked, frantically wiping away any stray tears - and smudging dirt all over his face in the process.


She smiled at his act - this last cycle her son had begun trying to be 'manly,' and it never failed to amuse her. "Well, I need to ask you a very serious question."


"What is it, mother?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. Whenever mother said something was serious it was... well, serious, and he did his best to pay attention.


"What do you think of Bo?"


The boy frowned in concentration. Bo was her mother's friend, a kind man with weathered skin and solemn eyes. He always took time out of his day to help and teach the boy, and to make sure mother was happy. He liked Bo very much, and told his mother so.


That brought another smile to Penny's face, and made her much more confident in asking the next question: "How would you feel if Bo became your father?"




The boy stared, wide-eyed at the small bundle wiggling in his mother's arms.


"Is that..." he whispered breathlessly, tugging on Bo - no, his father's pant leg. "Is that her?"


Bo glanced down and gave the boy a gentle pat on the head. "That's her," he confirmed. "Big brother."


"Wh-what do I do?"


"Love her," his father said. "Protect her."


The boy nodded seriously.


"Beat up any boy who comes within six yalms of her."


"Bo!" Penny seethed quietly, glaring at her husband.


The man grinned, and the boy laughed.




The day had begun normally. The family had traveled into the city proper to trade, as they did every few moons. This was a special occasion, though, as it marked the daughter's first time within Ala Mhigo. The little girl toddled along next to her brother, gripping his hand tightly as her head swung back and forth, bright eyes taking in all they could. The day was supposed to be simple, joyous.


Explosions rang out, women screamed, smoke poisoned the sky. The crowds ran to and fro, no one quite sure where to flee.


In the midst chaos stood the family, huddled and shivering.


"What's going on?" the boy asked, clutching his sobbing sister closely to his side.


"The city's under attack," Bo murmured, voice torn between horror and disbelief. It had taken the combined might of the other city-states to beat Ala Mhigo back in the past, who in the world would be brave - or foolish - enough to fight them?


A large, winged tower flew overhead, drawing gasps from the people below.


"Marius," Penny whispered.




He couldn't hear, couldn't breathe, couldn't think.


Smoke choked his lungs, his ears rang from the war raging around him, tears stung his eyes, his skin burned, his bones ached.


Where was his mother? Father? Sister?


Oh, Twelve, his sister!


She had been right by his side, he couldn't remember letting go of her. Where was she? They had been running, trying to get out of the city, then a bright flash and so much pain...


Something sharp and heavy hit his side, rolled him over on his back. He hissed.


"Survivor," a deep, distorted voice rumbled above him.


"Put him with the others."


He heard no more as his world faded to black.

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AKA M80 the Wolf



"What is your name, child?"


"I-I... Where... Where is my family?"


"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"


"Where is my sister, what are you doing to her?!"


"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"


"Wha... Why are you..."


"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"




"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"


"L... L-laurie. My name is Laurie."


"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"


"P-please, no more... Please..."


"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"


"What... what do you want me to say? Please, just tell me what to say!"


"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"




"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"




"That is incorrect."




"What is your name, child?"


"I... I don't... have a name..."


"Then we shall give you one."

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