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The Tale of Khior'a [Story][OOC Welcome]

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((This is my attempt to get a bit of backstory on my character going into the launch of the game.  I have always struggled with writing; however I felt the only way to get better was to practice and get feedback...so here goes))


The huts hidden in the trees looked especially beckoning in the morning light. Khior'a traditionally found little appeal in the small village, but today he would begin miss this place tremendously. The small village, normally beginning to creep into a hazy sleep at this time of day, seemed appropriately quiet. Maybe it was the fact that Khior'a never bothered to involve himself in the village affairs or rather the village was ashamed they failed to inquire about the quiet son of the Matriarch. Nonetheless, apart from his immediate family it seemed only a few onlookers bothered to appear for Khior'a's sendoff. His mother, the matriarch of his small tribe stood in her expected stern position at the center of the village with naught but a small wave to her son.


Glancing around at the very small crowd Khior'a's eyes darted between each person and politely nodded as he passed. Nervously he glanced around and behind each individual hoping to catch a glimpse of brown and white indicating the presence of the only soul he truly wished to say departing words.


"We can't wait all day son," retorted the gruff carriage attendant. "I have several more stops I need to reach before the end of the day and Gridania is still quite the trip"


Khior'a took only final sad glance at the audience and slowly stepped into the carriage.


"Bye everyone" he said addressing no one in particular. A few mumbles could be heard from the crowd.


The driver quickly hopped to the front of the carriage and a small whip sound indicated the departure to the idle chocobos. With a quick jolt and a thrust the floating carriage was on its way. Khior'a began to watch as he passed the ever familiar trees of his childhood, recognizing that tree as the one where got that bruised knee climbing, that nook where he would always find time to read or stare at the stars.


"KWEH!!!” came the squawk of the chocobos as the carriage quickly jolted to the side before continuing on its path.


"Stupid squirrel, get out of the way," shouted the driver including a few choice profanities to follow.


Khior'a sharply jolted up in excitement. Looking around he quickly found the cause of the commotion. He could see a large brown and white squirrel jolting in an overhead tree and quickly heard a thud atop the carriage balloons as the creature jumped aboard. Hearing the quick sound of scurrying it was long before the creatures appeared on the side clutching the rope keeping the balloons attached. The squirrel was a sleek brown with a slight white stripe down his back and at the moment his left cheek seeming awfully full.


"Well, hello Walnut, I was hoping you would show up" exclaimed Khior'a to the unintelligible squeaks of his companion, "Here, I brought you a gift to remember me by," he continued reaching into his pocket and pulling out a sack of nuts. The squirrel quickly gathered the nuts shoving them into his elastic cheeks.


"I was getting really worried that you wouldn't show today...as usual my family didn't really care too much about the whole affair and I am sure they have already gone to sleep for the day." Khior'a continued to drawl to the obvious annoyance of his furry companion who began to wander the carriage in search of scraps.


"Sorry, I just feel odd today..." pausing slightly to gather his thoughts, "I just have dreamed of leaving all those people and the day it finally happens I get all emotional," continued Khior'a to obliviousness of the Walnut.


"I sure am going to miss you Walnut," exclaimed Khior'a, the squirrel noticing the change in tone and quickly found a seat in Khior'a's lap. Khior'a began to slowly scratch the small squirrels head.


"Don't worry I'll be back though, I have to show those unbelievers I can be an accomplished conjurer yet..." becoming pensively quieter, "...at least by then they'll have fixed the hole in the Shaman's hut."


Walnut perked up and began to rifle through his overstuffed cheek pulling out an old broken half of a walnut shell. The squirrel placed the shell on Khior'a's lap and began to nudge it forward with his nose.


"For me?" asked Khior'a to the reply of a loud squeak, "Thanks little guy," he exclaimed placing the half shell in his pocket for safe keeping. "I think I'll make a necklace out of it when I get into the city so I'll have something to remember you by," slowly petting the squirrel on the head. With a quick jolt Walnut scurried up to Khior'a shoulder and begins to do laps around the neck while attempting to nuzzle Khior'a. Khior'a laughed, feeling slightly tickled, as the squirrel again jumped to the side of the carriage, with a final loud squeak the squirrel jumped to a nearby branch and disappeared into the trees.


"See you soon buddy" said Khior'a into the trees. He began to stare quietly into the distance before again realizing his presence in the carriage. Looking across from him was an older gentleman looking awfully confused and bothered. Khior'a felt the immediate rush of blood to his face suddenly realizing how not alone he was during that entire encounter.


"An old friend I gather?" questioned the old man gruffly.


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